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  1. Calhoun

    hello from the home of the masters, sorta

    I'm close to ya. I live in St. Matthews, about 30 miles south of Columbia. Welcome aboard!
  2. Calhoun

    Reshafting a Maltby CT250

    I want to stick a new shaft in my Ct250. I removed the original shaft(YS-6) and cleaned the hosel. When went to check to make sure all the epoxy was removed I notice that there wasn't a bottom to the hosel. It looks like the hosel continues into the head. The hole openning is smaller that the...
  3. Calhoun

    blew up a grip in my face

    I had a Iomic putter grip blow up on me not to long ago. I put it on with tape and let it sit for about 30 mins. I grabbed it and walked over to a green and tried it out for an hour. I wasn't to impressed with the putter. I decided on the walk back to the garage that I would pull it of and put...
  4. Calhoun

    Firmest greens ever

  5. Calhoun

    Wedge Grinding

    I thought I would post my first attempt at grinding down my wedges. I have been wanting to buy a couple of custom scratch wedges with less bounce. I can't seem to justify spending that kind of money on a couple of wedges. Here are a couple of pics at my first attempt at grinding my own...
  6. Calhoun

    Switching GOLF balls

    I love the tour i. Great ball, good choice
  7. Calhoun

    New PING Clubs Are On the PING Website

    Damn, it looks like he had to shuck an ear of corn to roll that baby!
  8. Calhoun

    Question about hybrid, and such...

    Dress shirts turned in to herb! Thats the perfect HO!
  9. Calhoun

    Which creation

    you sure do ask a lot of questions that you could easily answer for yourself in half the time it took you to type the post by doing a search (google). silver 65g copper 80g
  10. Calhoun

    1st tee anthem

    Here are a couple YouTube - Tool - Sober [hq - fullscreen] YouTube - Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street - 3/28/81 Essen, Germany As you can tell I listen to a large variety.
  11. Calhoun

    Aweful Conditions

    I've skied there. Does that count?
  12. Calhoun

    building questions

    I have grip tape, grips, and epoxy. I have been regripping my clubs for awhile now. I was meaning more in the way of different ferrules. I have seen a lot of different kinds on golfworks. I have decided to just get the kit that has the assortment of sizes. I do have one question though, One of...
  13. Calhoun

    building questions

    I have decided to start doing (trying) my own club work. I have the skills and the room to set up a nice club building area. I have ordered the proper tools bench-top belt sander, shaft puller, scales, etc. I am in the process of putting together a list of some supplies that I think I should...
  14. Calhoun

    Anybody in Hilton Head right now??

    My dad is making the turn at Golden bear as I type this. He is down at there condo in the shipyard for the week. If you are looking still looking for someone to play with let me know.
  15. Calhoun

    Custom Putter Sale

    I have two boutique putters that I have decide let someone else try out. 1. Kevin Burns Mallet 33" with an Orange Iomic grip. Great condition. I gamed this putter for 3 or 4 months. 8.5-9 out of 10. $100 + shipping. Includes red Kevin Burns headcover It is the one on the left. 2...
  16. Calhoun

    Myrtle Beach: Golf Heaven, Tourist Nightmare

    Its Myrtle Beach. There is a seafood buffet on every corner. I agree about the North Myrtle not being quite as congested as Myrtle.
  17. Calhoun

    A question about shaft pulling.

    I here ya. I just hate to ruin this creation, but with the recent swing changes I have made it just isn't working out.
  18. Calhoun

    A question about shaft pulling.

    It does if you own a callaway!
  19. Calhoun

    Xcon 6 - School me

    Thanks. Is there such a shaft with a soft tip and low spin?
  20. Calhoun

    Xcon 6 - School me

    How does the XCON compare to the Redboard?