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  1. K

    Reshafting to Regular Flex? Worth it?

    The Professor Johnson club is a Liquidmetal driver, probably 5-6 years old. It's 360cc....I'm not much for upgrading to the latest and greatest unless I have to. When I'm feeling confident with it, I hit it with a slight draw. Occasionally I'll leave the face open and slice it (on mis hits)...
  2. K

    Reshafting to Regular Flex? Worth it?

    I've got a set of MacGregor VIP Irons, the graduated cavity/forged type. I have true temper stiff shafts in them. I hit my 7I about 150, 6I at about 160. I have a Professor Johnson 10 degree driver with their standard graphite shaft, also in stiff flex. I hit this driver 230-235 tops...
  3. K

    Hello, First Post.

    Hello, First post here....I've been playing golf for almost 18 years, on and off. Now that my youngest kid is 2, I'm getting out more.