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  1. goatster

    Hey! I got me a job!

    congrats dude and good luck
  2. goatster

    Hey Goatster....

    thanks guys havent been around much hope to be around a little more this summer hope everybody had good holidays
  3. goatster

    Renewal (I guess that's appropriate) from the Bay Area

    welcome back i also hope to make a return i thought after getting the new job and being 3 miles from the course that after working all night i could swing over and get in a quick 9.but it seems that working 11-7:30 then golfing wasnt a great idea as i had a near death experience just a 1000...
  4. goatster

    Smacked a deer today.

    dude that sucks i just hit a doe and crushed the front of my Exterra waiting to here fromthe garage to find out the damagei am guessing 4-5 grand. hope you got it fixed by your ins.
  5. goatster

    Bryan Alexander Bustamante

    congrats dude. strong looking kid gonna be able to out drive you by the time hes 9. lol
  6. goatster


    i have a pair of Oakley m frames and a pair of pro m frames.that i wear and in the words of my golf partner i have a bulbous head.
  7. goatster


    whats facebook? i know if you put my face on a book it probably wouldnt be a NY Times best seller
  8. goatster

    Gary Coleman's monogramed casket

    thats just down right mean. BUT FUNNY AS HELL.
  9. goatster

    Top Flite Gamer V2 Review

    wasn`t me i dont use pink balls.must have been the other guy.
  10. goatster

    24?? Frickin 24?? eclark, are you serious??

    happy b-day you pup
  11. goatster

    Memorial Day Weekend????

    since i am on this new job i have wed. & thurs. off so i will be working.but sunday after work a friend is picking me up so we can go meet another guy about an hr. away to play some golf in Star lake.
  12. goatster

    NFL 2010 Draft

    i thought the Giants did pretty good they needed lb`s and db`s (plus some depth at dl) and addressed both those needs so i am pleased overall with what they did. i like what the lions did i think they could surprise some people this season.
  13. goatster

    NHL playoffs

    look out Philly here we come
  14. goatster

    WBL - HAPPY BDAY!!!!

    happy b-day WBL & Ssssmokin
  15. goatster

    Happy BDay Lefty!

    happy belated b-day
  16. goatster

    Chuck Norrisisms

    when Chuck Norris does push-ups the world moves down Chuck does not move up
  17. goatster

    The 2010 Masters coffee cup challenge

    Ernie Els Justin Leonard K.J. Choi 7+5 Anthony Kim 8
  18. goatster

    Asher Golf Gloves - Review

    i would wear the birdie and the death grip.i think the death grip would get some attention from opponents.like what the hell are you wearing.the birdie is cool too.of course my ball marker is a a** with a callaway tat. lol
  19. goatster

    First Time Out This Year

    played for the first time this morning.was actually surprised at how well i played considering i haven`t even taken any practice swings.after getting up at 5:30pm yesterday for bowling league then going from there to work and then straight to the course to walk 9...
  20. goatster

    March Madness

    MRI on Syracuse's Arinze Onuaku reveals quad injury; SU center could return to practice on Monday | syracuse.com he has plenty of time to heal up GO 'CUSE