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  1. J

    Myrtle Beach/Crossville TN vacation

    The Legends courses are nice but in my opinion are a bit overrated and overplayed. That may be tainted by an experience there...we were told that greens had not been punched in over a month. Well we payed our full cost get to the first green and they had been punched withing the last couple...
  2. J

    New Swing

    Yea...as my grandad used to say "If your gonna be stupid you better be tough"....well Im plenty stupid...Im working on the tough part. It worked great for those few holes...not sure how it would work out longterm....once the surgery is done and I start playing again Ill know more I guess..
  3. J

    Myrtle Beach/Crossville TN vacation

    I have played probably 50-60 of the courses in myrtle including the Wizard Witch and ManOWar...they are nice..but honestly dont come close to the Barefoot courses or Dunes club...Here is my Myrtle top 10 1) Dunes Club 2) Barefoot Fazio 3) Caledonia 4) Barefoot Love 5) Heritage 6) Kings North 7)...
  4. J

    New Swing

    I tore the miscus and some other tendon in my right knee about a month ago. I am having surgery next week. Yesterday went to one of my favorite courses and played 36 holes. played ok but not great...got to 15 of the second round and my knee was killing...decided to try leaving my weight on the...
  5. J

    Myrtle Beach/Crossville TN vacation

    Spent a week in Myrtle with the family then moved on to TN for another week. While I did like the resort in TN should have just stayed at the beach for the 2nd week...played 7 rounds..here are the reviews Myrtle, Thistle, great course...12min tee times make it nice. Greens fairways and tee boxes...
  6. J

    Anyone play Williamsburg National courses?

    Golden Horseshoe Gold course..best down there bar none...Im about 2 hours away..when you gonna be there? Need a partner? Im gone the first 2 weeks in August but if it is late August I could get down there.
  7. J

    It was the Best of Time It was the worste of times

    Played yesterday for the first time since I hurt my back and knee 2 weeks ago. They still hurt pretty bad but decided to suck it up and play the tunup round for our beach trip coming up. Well I had my best day off the tee in several years. I was crushing the ball and only missed 2 fairways all...
  8. J

    Pre-Bay..Ping I5 irons ZZ65 shaft

    $300 shippin included...if no takers going on ebay tomorrow night...
  9. J

    Measuring shafts

    I know I have seen this before but couldnt find it on the search...I have an Odyssey 2 ball blade putter I am selling..I know it is a short shaft I think it is 33inch but not sure..what is the proper way to measure length for putters...
  10. J

    discountgolfsupply legit store?

    WOW...just wow... BTW I have this bridge in New York Im trying to sell...anyone interested...
  11. J

    Shirt color

    uhhhh...nope...dont own one...although I am color blind so my wife may have bought me 10 of them and told me they were light blue...who knows...
  12. J


    congrats on the win!!! Yea I love 2 man best ball..although we won a tourny about a month ago..entry fee was $125 per person...know what the "prize" ended up being...a $5 trophy and a crappy cigar...by far the worst prize I have ever won at any type of tournament!!!
  13. J

    Anybody else out there a hunter?

    Hunt every day I can...mainly deer and squirrel...some turkey and rabbit...I have been hunting since I could walk...Shot my first squirrel when I was 5...have a pic of it Ill have to post...it is my wifes favorite pic of me... I shoot ALOT too..I love shooting..shooting a rifle is one of the...
  14. J

    Callaway ION Glove

    My grip is about the only good thing on my swing to be honest.. .I tend to get them at the joint of the ring and middle finger closest to the tip of the finger..right in that little crease where the last joint bends...every glove except this tends to bunch up on me at that spot...dont know...
  15. J

    fairway wood off the deck

    Actually I havent practiced it with my new driver yet..my old driver (Hibore XL 9.5) I could get about 15-20 more yards off the deck versus my 3 wood. I say once every couple rounds but that might be an exageration...depends where I play...one course I play very often has a VERY long par 5 but...
  16. J

    fairway wood off the deck

    Take your driver and hit 10balls of the deck with it...then move to your 3 wood...alternate a good 3-4 times...this basically how I was taught to hit 3 wood off the fairway...it served a dual purpose...It taught me to hit 3wood of the deck AND I can hit a nice cut shot with my driver off the...
  17. J

    20+ yds just from a ball.

    I dont know...maybe it is just me but the new Srixon z-star is a good 10yards shorts than the TM Red and Bridgestone B330's I normally play...and that is through the whole bag...I LOVE the feel of the srixon it is just way shorter in side by side comparison. Im pretty detailed when I plan on...
  18. J


    We used to have a "team" that played captain choice tourneys about every week..I had the highest handicap by far. I was about a 15-18 at the time, my cousin who is a scratch golfer and the other 2 were low single digit handicaps..Basically my job was to bomb it off the tee...sit in the cart...
  19. J

    Callaway ION Glove

    The thing I liked was the back of the glove also..it breathed great and my hand didnt get near as sweaty as usual. I havent used the FJ Weathersoft gloves...Ill have to give them a shot...gonna play the 2nd round with the Cally on Thur or Fri...should know how it will hold up...I think what did...
  20. J

    Anyone going to be in Myrtle Thur-Sun

    Glad to hear you had a great time. I guess Pawleys just doesnt fit my eye or game...Ill be there in a couple weeks...So far the only course I know for sure we are playing is TPC...probably hit Dunes club again as it is awsome...then maybe Fazio at Barefoot..