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    Four-man scramble shoots a 47?

    The string..... I'd bet money that any shot that rolled within 3 ft. of the hole (whether it stopped that close or not), was counted. P_102
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    Woods Vs. Mickleson

    Notice the veiled retraction in his interview on Golf Channel? BWAAAAHAHAHA! He's was just spouting off because Phil is his client. P_102
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    Best Golf Shots ever?

    Lots of good examples. Didn't Hale Irwin hit a 230+ sand shot to about 3-4' on the 18th to win a US Open once? Maybe at Pebble? On Tigers chip...yes, it was a great shot and made even more so due to the circumstances....BUT, Davis Love III made the same shot a few years earlier (one of those...
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    How to play a consistant fade

    Simple.....line up slightly left but with clubface facing target....take normal swing.
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    Tips for the Open Championship

    A vote for Tiger. H'es put his 2 iron back in the bag (like he should have at the US Open!) and will be hitting his "stinger" that will roll forever. As long as his putting is there it should be him. That said, would like to see Monty win one. P_102
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    I LOVE "best ball" Outings

    Played in one a couple weeks ago....team in front of us finished 20 under w/ 1 par, 14 birdies and 3 eagles.....We could see this team practically the whole way and were on the tee w/ them many times. Their leader (a local bartender that spent some time on the Nike Tour) was hitting awesome...
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    An interesting experiment

    Very good strategy and one that will continue to help as you add clubs and more "play for par" holes. Good course and game management can save most players a good number of strokes yet many (myself included at times) go for broke far too often. I've now gotten to where I hit driver on only...
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    Who has played any of the top 100

    Played Cog Hill (#4, Dubsdread) every week years ago (a couple years before they moved the Western Open there)....If you don't like sand (like the stuff in ash trays, so soft a high iron shot will bury itself in it till the ball disappears!), this is not a course for you! LOL! P_102
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    Closing out rounds...How to

    Thinking of your score or possible score is #1. #2, to me, would be knowing when to concentrat and when not to....You cannot maintain 100% concentration at all times during a round. Between shots, on the way to your ball, etc..take time to enjoy the scenery, tell a joke to someone, etc....DO...
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    Does your handicap reflect your playing ability ?

    Does this usually happen late in the round? If so, better excdrcise or at least some sort of nutrition bar during the round...you may be too worn out. P_102
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    Does your handicap reflect your playing ability ?

    Does this usually happen late in the round? If so, better excdrcise or at least some sort of nutrition bar during the round...you may be too worn out. P_102
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    How Hot D'ya like it ?!

    98 today and will stay that way (98-102) till sometime in early/mid September. Drink lots of water, have spare gloves, etc.... P_102
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    So what do we all shoot?

    Currently 11.6 (approx. 1/4th my age)..... Can't keep a good round going...or..."had the keys to the whore house and threw 'em away!" LOL. Typical round includes 7-8 pars, 1 birdie, and the rest junk. Last week played 15 over on 8 holes, even on the rest. Oh well. P
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    Unrealistic expectations?

    Well, by your numbers I think you need to try harder! :) (27.7% of the last 36 holes were over bogey)....I've learned to look at bogey as an acceptable score on some of the harder holes (dependant on conditions), at least until my short game gets even better. Edit: Not as much that I...
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    Unrealistic expectations?

    Unrealistic? Yes and no. First try to do away with anything over bogey. It's all about course and game management, (Ezra mentioned earlier). I can't remember your distances, but play the best shots for the hole(s) at the time, ie; If the wind is in your face on a par 5 and you know you can't...
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    who is the real king of poker at the shot talk forums?

    Been playing in a league (APL) for the last 6 months. Currently #1 but it's a small venue w/ only 35 players or so. The APL has a lot of good players, a lot of entry level players, and a lot of players that do nothing but chase points (by playing at a different venue every day of the week). It...
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    Lob wedge - you just gotta have faith!!

    It's a 60 degree Mizuno. My course, for whatever reason, went last year w/ very little sand in the bunkers, many times less than an inch deep and very hard underneath.....a regular sand wedge would bounce up and either let you hit the ball twice or blade it over the green. I switched to the...
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    Lob wedge - you just gotta have faith!!

    Wow, 4 sand saves (out of 5) and 3 other up/downs with the "lob wedge from he!!" I've preached this before to those having problems; Take a couple good practice swings that feel right, step up and repeat swing. Don't take time to overthink it or talk yourself out of it, just step up and repeat...
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    Rules debate

    OK, I can't remember "picking a nit" recently so I thought I'd bring this one up: Last week, in playing a sand shot, I may have struck the ball twice, I honestly don't know and the results made no difference. I took the shot and felt a very slight tic on the follow through (probably only a few...
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    Fuel Prices

    Not to worry, Rock. I drive a shortbed pickup w/ a V6, last I checked I got almost 23 mpg on the highway. It's about the least I can have and still tow my (smaller) boat. I have to admit to a fondness for good SUV's though. Being a hunter and fisherman along w/ golf, the room comes in...