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    For All You "Phil is the Best Guy On the Face Of The Planet" Guys...

    If they are legal clubs then how is it cheating? A lot of players out there are using them for the spin advantage. I guess my Ping Eye2 clubs just went up in value!
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    Glove recommendation

    What kind of golf glove do you use and can you recommend one? I have been using the Titleist Player or Perma Soft ones and I like how they feel but they break down pretty quickly. I was wondering if there were any recommendations on some to take a look at.
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    Refurbished Pro V-1 at Target

    I was at Target the other day and they had a box of 12 refurbished Pro V-1s for $26. I was hesitant to try them so I passed. Has anyone used them and if so how was the quality?
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    Q & A with The Bodybuilding Golf Pro - Michael Manavian

    Michael, What is your regimine for using Chained Out on your workout and non workout days? Also, can you post the link to the Milos vids-I have not been able to locate all of them and am interested in listening to them. Finally, do you take any minerals or vitamins or creatine? Thanks
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    Fat burning question

    Michael, Thanks for sharing the Milos information. If you have any others please feel free to share-very interesting and enlightening plus I don't think anyone can ever have too much information regarding diet...keep your mind open you may just learn something that works for you.
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    Unclear on rules-stroke and distance, unplayable and water hazard.

    Thanks for the info. I need to keep an eye out for the red, yellow and white markers. How does it work when you drop the ball across the hazard as indicated in the red stake response above? What do I use as a determining factor if I drop the ball before the water or after the water?
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    Unclear on rules-stroke and distance, unplayable and water hazard.

    I am unclear on three rules: 1. Stroke and distance, 2. Unplayable lie, 3. Water hazard. If I am hitting off the tee box or wherever and I hit it out of bounds by the red stakes then is this a stroke and distance penalty and I have to re-hit from as close to my original postion as possible...
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    Shorter driver shaft, dohhhhh!!!!!

    I was fighting a problem coming across it and tried everything. Then one day someone tells me I am coming up after impact. I guess I was trying to unconciously help the ball up or something but by standing up I was in effect coming across the ball. As a result I now try to stay down and...
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    Remington 770 30-06

    Can you post some photos?
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    How do you chip out of a divot without blading it?

    I had two to three shots today around the green where my ball was in a severe divot or hold and only about 1/2 the ball was above the grass. Well I tried to play it as a normal chip but bladed it across the green. I know I am suppose to try to hit down on it but I am not sure where to play it...
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    Tips for hitting out of hard bunker sand around the greens

    I have no problem hitting out of sand when it is fine, but when you walked into these bunkers it felt like hardpan it was so hard (probably do to the heat). Then there were other bunkers where it was practically mud-lack of sand in there. I could not hit out of either using a typical sand...
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    Tips for hitting out of hard bunker sand around the greens

    Can you give me some tips on hitting out of hard bunker sand around the green? I have no idea on how to do it properly and it killed me this past weekend.
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    Played with some Heartless Bastids

    Next time you play tell them you need 25 strokes. You will get your revenge at the 19th hole when they have to pay up.
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    David Duvall!

    He was rolling them great on the greens-that one that came out on the 17th was 1/2 way down. Good to see him in contention.
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    New 3wd on the way

    I am looking for one of those as well. If you have any other leads let me know. Yes, I agree about this forum-1st the driver and now the 3wd!
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    Should I play Harding Park

    Yeah, I just discovered that discount. Here is my friends last email.... Looks like it is $155 on the weekend plus cart for non-residents. For me it is $59 on the weekend. Unbelieveable difference for residents.
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    Should I play Harding Park

    Ok I emailed my friend and this is what he replied... Unfortunately they hammer non SF residents at Harding. I forget offhand the rates, but will look them up and get back to you. I think for me it is about $70. No need for a cart there as it is an easy walk. They are getting ready for The...
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    Should I play Harding Park

    My buddy played it the other week and he said the greens were slow as could be. He said you really had to muscle up to get it there. They must be in the early stages of gettting the greens ready. He also said the fairways are giving no run right now since typically the summer in SF is foggy...
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    Ever have one of those days where you cannot get off the tee box?

    I played last Friday and for whatever reason I could not get off of the tee box. I hit 12 trees!!! Out of the other 6 holes 4 were par 3's so the irons were fine, and I did hit two good tee shots on the last 2 holes. It was funny after coming over the top with the driver for most of the...
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    Possibly the worst day ever

    Sounds like you got caught up in trying to rip it and forgot about course management and how holes set up and where you want to be for pin placements. Don't worry it happens to the best of us!!! On a good note the next time you play and the guys ask what you shot last you say 101 and get a...