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    Explain to me, please!!!!!!!!

    wtf, over.
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    Blades on tour?

    I was a walking scorer for two days at the Boeing Classic this year. Of the 6 pros I scored for, 5 were using clubs more forgiving than mine. Which means I'm a moron for playing them. :D Incidently, Hal Sutton was the oddball. He bags an older set of Hogan blades, and lordy, what a ball...
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    Rediculously long hacks?

    Yikes. Not sure what I did to make you mad. My current handicap is 13. Guess I need to update my profile. :) You're questioning my "qualifications" to have an opinion. Not going to touch that one. The statement was based on three people I've played with, none of whom can break 90, all of whom...
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    Rediculously long hacks?

    Guess I touched a nerve. Thanks for the equipment fitting lesson. I'd be hesitant to say someone who hits every fairway can't play, but I'll concede that it's possible. You're quick to defend longer players, but understand that this thread is about people who crush it and can't score. That...
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    Rediculously long hacks?

    Club head speed is something some people just have, imo. Doesn't mean they can play though.
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    Rediculously long hacks?

    LOL. Played with a guy like that on Friday. Watched him drive a green at 315 two holes after taking an 11 on a short par 4. Couldn't hit a solid iron shot, deplorable short game, but could flat bust it with driver.
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    Awesome, and pathetic

    Had a similar thing happen. #2 at Nile is a 237 par 4. Hooked my first ball into the trees with my hybrid. Hit a provisional with the same club, and smoked a beauty onto the green. Then I found my first one. :facepalm:
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    Adams Golf Idea Pro Black Muscle-Back Irons

    Haven't hit them, but played with a guy recently who was bagging them. Looked even better in real life.
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    amazing how one shot can stick with you...

    Played 9 holes with a friend yesterday. He's a very poor player, stands to make an 8 on every hole barring a miracle. I've been trying to encourage him to work on his short game and stop hitting driver off every tee. Anyway, was a painful 9 holes that took every bit of 3 hours. Normally this...
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    um.... Tom Watson?!

    Rough start for Tom, but Fisher is making a mess of the 5th. Watson will be tied for the lead again momentarily.
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    um.... Tom Watson?!

    I can't describe how awesome I think it is that Watson is going into the weekend in a tie for the lead. Far more so to me than Norman's run last year. You can tell how much the fire still burns in that guy. That fist pump after the ridiculous putt on 18 was just sweet. Hope he keeps it together...
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    Altitude, how much effect does it have on carry

    Let's be clear though - the balls flies longer in hot weather because the ball is warmer, and compresses more. Has nothing to do with the air. Temperature does not affect air "thickness".
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    My Swing :(

    I'd guess you hit it thin alot, and have a left to right ball flight? I'm no expert, just a 14 index, but I've got a good friend with a similar build and swing. Some things I noticed - The face on view shows alot of side-to-side movement. A slide/sway going back, then a bit of a lunge coming...
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    Ordered a trunk locker/bag

    I've got one that's much smaller. I keep it in the bed of my truck with my shoes and a few odds and ends. Got it as a gift at a tournament - probably not something I'd spend money on, but it's good for extra balls, repair tools, replacement spikes etc.
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    The worst lie

    My approach went over the green and plugged in the face of a bunker. The far face. All I could do was take a crazy sideways slash at it, in order to extract from the vertical face and get in the bottom of the bunker where I could play a shot.
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    Whats the closest you've came to a hole in one?.

    Hit a wedge that burned the edge and stopped a foot away a few weeks ago.
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    Ever get in trouble for going to a course to early?

    I routinely get tee times before 6. 5:30 a couple weeks ago.
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    do you have a buddy like this?

    I play with a guy occasionally who's kinda like that. Easily the longest guy I've played with. I've watched him get within a chip shot on many par 4 holes. 300 in the air routinely. But he's wild as hell, and his short game sucks. He hit a 340 blast on a 400 yard hole at Riverbend. Right down...
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    You ever have one of those days

    Definitely. I'm very hot and cold with the driver. Played with a young guy on Sunday who bombed it miles. There were a couple holes where I was within 10 yards of him, and a bunch where he was 50 past me. Go figure.
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    Damn, almost an Ace today

    I had one of those 2 weeks ago. Knock down PW on a 120 yard par 3. Landed short and right of the pin, bounced once and spun left. It rolled past the hole and stopped a foot away. Looking at my ball mark and where it stopped, it had to burn the edge of the cup. The closest I've ever come to be sure.