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  1. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    The thing that everyone not in love with Tiger is thinking...

    Perhaps they were worried about Sergio sneaking up on them.:biglol:
  2. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Tn. trip almost here!!!!!!!

    If I get back from work by friday, I will be there. The wife is working that Saturday, so I should be free to do as I please.:beach3: Is there another post on this with details? I dont get to visit here much anymore, so I'm kind of out of touch.
  3. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Tn. trip almost here!!!!!!!

    I'll try to make it over. What time are you guys meeting there? How will I know its you guys, and not some drunken hill folk?:biglol:
  4. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Hitting the ball farther next Spring

    I dont have any snow to shovel...Should help my short game.:)
  5. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Congrats Paddy!

    His peers seem to think that he is. Although they all could be wrong, and you could be right.:faintthud
  6. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Congrats Paddy!

    :biglol: Apparently his peers thought that he deserved to be player of the year. Notice, I said player, not the nicest guy of the year. However, since he seems to be a nice guy as well ( I don't know him personaly, so I could be wrong) I took it upon myself, to post a commonly used phrase...
  7. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Congrats Paddy!

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
  8. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    What is your 200 yard club?

    Sand wedge.:D
  9. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Ebay of the day

    That bag would look great with Dave's head covers.
  10. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    The 5th New Toy is ready for the course....

    Yes, but can he get it in the hole?:)
  11. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Do you carry a towel?

    What do you know?...This thread is really about towels. I also carry a comb, since I dont wear a hat my hair gets all out of whack after a round. Ok, I admit. I just made this post to brag about my full head of hair, at the age of 46.
  12. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Generic question-How do you rate your swing out of 10 and what work needs doing

    My swing is a 4 My girlfriend is a 3 My bank account is a 2
  13. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Nike hybrid 3 wood

    Nike CPR 3 Wood Hybrid - RH Steel Austads.com& On sale for 69 bucks. I may just pull the triger on this one.
  14. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Nike hybrid 3 wood

  15. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Oh, you sexy thing...

    Thank You. The picture also helped.:thumbs up:
  16. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Oh, you sexy thing...

    I could have Googled "wedge bounce" and would have known by now. Its much nicer when someone explains it in person. If you and I were sitting around talking, and I asked you about something relating to golf, would you shove a Golf Digest in front of me, and tell me to read?:ugly25...
  17. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    Oh, you sexy thing...

    Could someone explain to me please, about "bounce". Thank you.
  18. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    I'm back

    Dave has a picture of Ben Hogans hands hanging in the loo. (that's the bathroom in this country):ugly25:<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  19. tn-golfnut-from-nj

    I'm back

    Thank God...we have been looking all over for you. Next time please leave a note on the fridge, so we wont worry.:)