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    Sept 2, 2000, Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz, CA, 18th hole, 178 yards, 5 iron over the flag, rolled back down in the cup. That's the good news. Bad news is I shot a 95!
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    Well look what fell into my bag.......

    Gorgeous clubs, wish I had the game for them. What's the orange ball all about though?? And do you regularly play with 15 clubs...shame on you! Bag looks alot like mine, I have the "Edge". The only problem I find with this bag (and many others too) is that since I use midsize grips, it's...
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    Ogio Bag Question/Problem?

    Mine (Edge) will do that, but if you just push it over, it's corrected. Depending on whether you put any sideways pressure on it. If it NEVER closes straight, call them, they will replace it.
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    R7 Aldila vs MAS

    depending on your swing speed, it is likely that you will hit a lower ball with the NV65 (assuming S). That was my experience.
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    Extreme Ho'ism (my room)

    Townhouse. If you have a yard/space where you can actually walk around to the back from the front, it might be called a house, but I don't think any of those exist in Manhattan. Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island have "houses". I'm sure this is too much information by now!
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    Have a quick look at this guys

    I'm against cloning too. Animals, people, or golf clubs!!!!
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    Extreme Ho'ism (my room)

    Just for the record...an "apartment" is a form of dwelling just like a "house" or a "shack" or a "trailer", etc. A "Condo" or a "Co-op" describes the legal form of ownership of the property. Whatever...anyway, in Manhattan, where EVERYTHING is "an apartment" or a townhouse, we don't say I...
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    Extreme Ho'ism (my room)

    Thanks man. I'm in danger of becoming a "lady of the evening" myself. Been running 5 different golf discussion boards at work all week now. Just bought a used Cameron Newport 2 (2003) off of one site, even though I just bought the new 2005 model a month ago and only used it twice! Is there a...
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    Extreme Ho'ism (my room)

    seek professional help...