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  1. jc@bg

    Winter Golf Apparel

    I do almost exactly the same kind of layering as Sandy does. My standard winter wear--we're talking 35 to 40*F--is wind or rain pants over regular pants, Under Armor tee, Mizuno Breath Thermo long-sleeve shirt mock crew, long-sleeve Columbia golf pullover, and a sock hat on top. Possibly FJ rain...
  2. jc@bg

    Hanging it up for the year...

    Reasons for winter golf In the summertime, I'm very lucky to hit a 270-yard drive (this might happen on back-to-back days if it's REALLY dry and the wind behind), but last winter I put a tee shot 9 feet from the cup on a 316-yard par 4. Yes, the ground was frozen (like, totally), and no, I...
  3. jc@bg

    0/2 on Ebay...

    This is one of the problems with rating systems, no two are [necessarily] alike. Still, with lots of sales and a 99.6 rating, I'd expect this guy's 7.5 rating to have at most a few scratches that are barely visible in a picture. The clubhead you display would be a 5 out of 10 in my rating. 7.5...
  4. jc@bg

    Can you do this???

    I often wonder whether some of us--maybe most of us--build up an internal regulator that makes it difficult to near-impossible for us to swing as hard as we're physically capable. For instance, I'm fairly tall, with long arms, and can get a driver clubhead to point at my left knee on the...
  5. jc@bg

    Any Hybrids that feel like a fairway wood?

    Hybrids that feel/sound/look like FW woods Feel, sound, and looks are distinct characteristics. I know quite a few hybrids that feel, and even look quite a bit like [undersized] fairway woods. Alpha Rx have a very traditional, pear-shaped design, and extremely solid feel. You mention a "ping!"...
  6. jc@bg

    Plus and Minus

    200-yard drives Cripes, I've had plenty of days with 200-yard averages on my drives, and am driving the ball at least as far now as I did when I was 20 (a few decades ago). Season average for my drives is probably 225, not helped by the fact that at my home course on any given day, 1/3 to 1/2...
  7. jc@bg

    Funny Golf Course Stories

    Actually, quite funny. Don't get me started on crazy, junky golf course stories, though. I can hold forth on that topic for quite a while. -- JC
  8. jc@bg

    Golf dialect?

    A couple of faves we have used forever are: OTW (off the world) Touch 'em all (short shot or putt that ends up exceedingly long)
  9. jc@bg

    Is my Driver shaft to stiff???

    Too stiff? As a couple of posters have opined, it's likely that the shaft IS too stiff for you. Yes, it is possible to overpower a shaft that is much too soft for your swing, but in my experience, this happens predominantly when the club in question is *way* too soft for you, and also, very...
  10. jc@bg

    How do you putt?

    Straight back, straight though I developed a method this winter that has two stroke keys: roll the left wrist straight under as the putter goes back, then hold that wrist angle (keep the left wrist from breaking) as the putter goes through the ball. I've long been a pretty good but streaky...
  11. jc@bg

    too cold to golf?

    It's been 50-ish at the best here this week. Bigger problem is that it's rained most of the time and I've been stuck at work anyway... This time of year, I look forward to the weekends big-time, but with our wet weather for the past two months, most courses will be closed on Saturday, and my...
  12. jc@bg

    My hat's off to you.

    Eracer, You mention down farther in the thread that you should practice more and play more. The greatest thing about golf is that I'm still learning something nearly every round--at least reinforcing something that I'd learned before but had let slide--and I'd hate to tell you how many rounds...
  13. jc@bg

    Hybrid-FW loft equivalents

    Hybrids are typically engineered to be played at shorter lengths than fairway woods of comparable lofts. Thus, it's also common to see hybrids producing slightly less ball speed and distance than the comparably lofted fairway wood. The lies of the hybrids, I might add, reflect this intention of...
  14. jc@bg

    Is the 4 wood the new way to go?

    I tried the 5 wedge setup a couple of months ago but decided it wasn't quite worth the sacrifice elsewhere in my bag. My first step toward wedge dieting was to put in a 57 or 58 degree "bottom wedge" that works nearly as well for close-range flop shots as the 60 degree and is more reliable for...
  15. jc@bg

    Reshaft fairway woods?

    I have the 80-gram Accuflex VS-02 shafts in my fairway woods, by far the most accurate and consistent setup I've ever used (been playing 40 years). They don't produce quite the distance of say, a 65-gram shaft, but all of the distance they do produce is in a straight line...often helpful on the...
  16. jc@bg

    Exercise programs of the PGA Pros

    Let's not forget Stuart Appleby. A cage match between Appleby and Goosen would break the cage.
  17. jc@bg

    Which Hybrid Are You Using?

    I use the Wishon 785 series hybrid, the only hybrid in golf with .830 COR. They're so easy to hit well that I'm considering one to replace my 7 iron. For real. They're made from #1-PW!
  18. jc@bg

    Good Deals on Balls - Advice

    Cybr, I am apparently one of a very small group who has anything [good or otherwise] to say about the Maxfli Rev Solids, but I've used 4 dozen in the last year or so, and they're pretty decent! At times, I've believed they are as long as any ball on the market, and I've also shot some good...
  19. jc@bg

    How's your weather?

    NW Ohio Our high for Sat. is predicted at 64 degrees. We're close enough to the big lake north (Erie) that the counter-clockwise spinoff from Ernesto has kept us buried in clouds and drizzle all week. Of course, this is not a bad thing...other than the course playing long...because it keeps the...
  20. jc@bg

    favoUrite Stick in the Bag

    Tough choice, but the club that consistently produces best results for me, relative to the difficulty of the shot, is my Wishon 515 7 wood. I was gonna say 9 iron, since that is an ultra-dependable club for me, but all 9 irons are pretty easy to hit well. Honorable mention to my SMT Durometer...