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  1. bryank

    IGolf Neo and Wishon 550m Iron set for sale

    Neo sold and shipped. Thanks!
  2. bryank

    Stick Together?

    EXACTLY why I left the cally 4w in the bag :prop: Though I did make the nice colors just for him!
  3. bryank

    IGolf Neo and Wishon 550m Iron set for sale

    IGolf Neo - Sale Pending The Wishons really need a home where I don't have to look at their sexiness all day! Trade fodder welcome...always looking for putters (Redwood, Cally Tour Blue) Geek Drivers (DCT, FS3) Thanks!
  4. bryank

    IGolf Neo and Wishon 550m Iron set for sale

    Hey gang, hit a bit of a financial bump and need to offload a few non-necessities. I'm out for most of the day, but will be back this evening for pics to those interested. IGolf Neo GPS - Membership paid through January 2010, with 87 GPS download credits left, and 3 mapping credits. Like New...
  5. bryank

    any photo tips for shooting chrome clubs?

    hahah! After the day I had I needed the laugh! Been raining since I first posted, but I'll get my pics soon....thanks for all the tips guys. Bryan
  6. bryank

    any photo tips for shooting chrome clubs?

    Ahhh, thanks man, that makes sense. Yes, they are chrome blades...so they reflect like crazy all but the faces. They are dead sexy, but in the photos I tried today they looked real bad! I'll try again tomorrow in a well lit shaded area outside on the porch. Appreciate the help, Bryan
  7. bryank

    any photo tips for shooting chrome clubs?

    About to pull my hair out and hopefully you can help! Trying to photograph my Wishon chrome 550's. Inside or outside, flash or no flash, I can't figure out how to get them to look good with little to no reflection. Is it an angle thing? A lighting thing? Camera isn't fancy, but performs...
  8. bryank

    IMHO: Kenny Perry is a cheat!

    He is simply finding the ground....very important thing to do when you're in the fluff. Holy hell, the drama.....
  9. bryank

    Shot Talk is on the auction block

    Sent you a PM Sling. Sorry to hear you having to give this up, but I do understand. Best of luck man, Bryan
  10. bryank

    Geek DCT 551 12° w/ Graman UL440 Stiff

    Hey guys, picked up this head a month or so ago from golf-a-holic here on ST. Another great Geek head in 12°, this loft of the 551 is the only USGA legal 551 head. Right Handed. Anyhow, paired it up with a brand new Graman UL440 Ultimate G series shaft in stiff, and popped a Golf Pride DD2 in...
  11. bryank

    Thought I should share

    LOL! Too funny guys! The front of the girl looked as sweet as the back....she was caddying for a guy in the Pro/am with Davis Love's group. I gotta be honest though, that being my first pro tourney.....I was FLOORED at the amount of BEAUTIFUL women that hang around those tournaments! Peace - B
  12. bryank


    SOLD! Though I'll never understand Ebay, why do people bid more than the BIN price....dorks!:biglol: -B
  13. bryank

    Nickent stuff...

    Just wanted to post a good experience with The Club Outlet that Sunset Beach posted. Ordered 2 Genex Hybrids, a Tour Prototype Milled putter, and a 52* and 62* Arc Wedges. They wrote within a day alerting me that 1 of the Genex hybrids was sold out in the loft/stiffness I wanted. They offered...
  14. bryank

    Masters getting duller by the year

    Oh this is good !! Rooting for all 3 :D -B
  15. bryank

    A Chameleon in action

    Hehe! That was pretty slick!
  16. bryank

    So I got hit in the arm today.

    Yes, not all Potheads are that bad! :prop: ...at least that's what I hear ;) "Got that Blueberry yum yum and it's that fire" :thumbs up: Have fun! - B
  17. bryank


    PICS- You can see the nick I mentioned just above center line. Here you can see the nick from the rear, and the tiny secondary one in the lower right. - Showing the Win AVS Blue Oversize grip currently on. Not as large as the Super Stroke...to me it's perfect and use on any putter...
  18. bryank


    Hey guys, Did a bit too much buying lately and need to let one of my girls go. It is a near mint, 1 tiny nick on the rear side, Bettinardi C-06 with perfect matching headcover. I gamed this for 2 seasons and took great care in keeping it pristine. Looking for $100 PP'd, shipped CONUS. I'll...
  19. bryank

    Arnold Palmer Invitational -Practice Round Pics

    Cameras were allowed Mon/Tues/Wed only. So I shot on Tues/Wed :beach3:
  20. bryank

    the 2009 Masters coffee cup challenge

    Hmm, I'll take: Sean O' Hair 1 Rory McIllroy Geoff Ogilvy Nick Watney