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  1. mont86

    Plantar Fascitis

    I've had a couple times in the past 15 years and very painful and unpredictable. Hurt for months start to get better and then it flares up again. I have arch supports in my shoes..
  2. mont86

    Hi everyone, blast from the past

    Wow this is flashback!!
  3. mont86

    Brock Jensen

    Hr just graduated from NDSU. He has 3 D-1 rings.
  4. mont86

    Beer and breakfast

    Wish I lived near that bar.
  5. mont86

    RIP Ken Venturi

    He told some great stories about his days on tour.
  6. mont86

    Haney project.

    Hank is working with Phelps this year, I tuned in a few times but the show is way to long on fluff and short on tips. Not much of a Haney fan to begin with.
  7. mont86

    This or That...

    Star Trek Storage wars or storage wars texas?
  8. mont86

    This or That...

    pickup Coke or Pepsi
  9. mont86

    Happy New Year!

    Yes a Happy New year to everyone.
  10. mont86

    We need your opinions!!!! Please!

    Like mentioned earlier, time is a big thing and my golf time has been cut the last two years that doesn't help.
  11. mont86


    Good luck with the new start. Hope all goes well .
  12. mont86

    Forum Software Change

    I don't see the super sercret forum either.
  13. mont86

    Some sad news to report.

    His wife made it sound like Mark was working on stuff right up the last moment. Only knowing him through Shottalk, he was a wonderful and sincere person.
  14. mont86

    Some sad news to report.

    mddubya passed away on March 2, 2012 I have spoke with his widow Martha and she confirmed it. Martha did say how much dubya loved shottalk and considered all of us his good friends and showed Martha the website a few times. He will be missed!! Rest in Peace Mark !! mont86
  15. mont86

    Take all golf off TV.... NOW!!!!

    I also enjoy guys that try to hit driver off the deck... I don't believe I've ever seen that work with any pub-links pros!
  16. mont86

    Take all golf off TV.... NOW!!!!

    This is funny because it happens more often then I like. Always someone pretending to be a pro.. lol
  17. mont86

    MY new toy!

    Now that's what counts! She likes it..
  18. mont86

    MY new toy!

    On the green no, but maybe between the sheets.. Lol.
  19. mont86

    mddubya can you check your pm's

    Thanks Mont86
  20. mont86

    Scotty's for sale

    Hello dubya.. Tried to pm you but your box is full.. Any word on the putter? Thanks mont86