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  1. shep3470

    The Beer Thread

    A new favorite. After I tried it I went to their website and found out it is crafted a mere 4.6 miles away from where I live.
  2. shep3470

    PGA "Tee It Forward"

    +1. If moving up would not save strokes then why the hell are there multiple sets of tees?
  3. shep3470

    PGA "Tee It Forward"

    I think is is a great idea. I agree with you, BigJim, that most amateurs lose a lot of shots from 100 yards and in. But i think you missed the point of the article. It doesn't say to just move up 1 set of tees. It says to move to the set that corresponds to your driving distance. I have...
  4. shep3470

    2012 Masters discussion

    I just found an article that was written March 17th, 2012. It says he now games a Callaway driver and ball. Furyk adjusts equipment, finds game « PGATOUR.com The Tour Report
  5. shep3470

    2012 Masters discussion

    I just saw a picture of Westwood on the home page of Sports Illustrated. I noticed he is using the G10 driver. Then I looked at his website. He doesn't play any G20 clubs. I just thought it was funny how he has the G20 on his hat but doesn't play them. I wonder how many other pros don't...
  6. shep3470

    The 2012 Master's coffee cup challenge

    Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson Webb Simpson Rory McElroy
  7. shep3470

    TV guru's give me your thoughts....

    Brands to stay away from: Westinghouse, Insignia, Coby, among others I'm sure. Best brands (IMO): Sharp Aquos (I have a 42") Samsung (I have a 70"), and LG. Also, IMO, Sony Bravia's are crap. At least a year or so ago they were. Not sure how they are now though. Vizio is not bad for...
  8. shep3470

    Weekend golf....oh what a joy.

    Here I sit on tee #8. It's 4:45. I teed off at 2:30. Over the winter I forgot how much I hate weekend golf.
  9. shep3470

    PGA Tour Changes

    Playing well for 3 tournaments is not consistent, in my opinion. I bet a lot of the top college players are hating this change. They probably wanted a chance to go straight to the PGA Tour through Q-School.
  10. shep3470

    PGA Tour Changes

    I'm not exactly sure. I just quickly skimmed the article. Sounds like they would have to go back through the Nationwide Tour. I think it also said they are working on getting a new sponsor, since I think this is the last year for Nationwide, and getting more money in the purse's.
  11. shep3470

    PGA Tour Changes

    I think there was another thread but if I remember correctly, it was just in the beginning stages, just being talked about. Today it was announced it was going to happen.
  12. shep3470

    PGA Tour Changes

    I just read the tour is going to make changes. No more q-school. Season will start in October. Top 75 from Nationwide and 126-200 from PGA tour will play a 3 tournament playoff for their PGA card.
  13. shep3470

    Manning in SF?

    San Fran may have screwed themselves. They now may have to pay more for Smith now. They were talking on SC that the Seahawks signed Flynn to a 3-year $24 million contract, similar to the one Smith turned down. Granted Flynn is not worth that having only started 2 games in his career but that...
  14. shep3470

    TaylorMade-Adidas buys Adam Golf

    It really surprised me. TM must have made an incredible offer. I get updates from Adams Golf and they had their best year financially last year.
  15. shep3470

    TaylorMade-Adidas buys Adam Golf

    Not sure what to make of this yet. Does this mean we can see new Adams stuff every year? Lol. I just got some Adams irons and I love them.
  16. shep3470

    Manning in SF?

    Better hope they can go back after Smith. Reported that Manning is headed to Denver. I'm sure Tebow will be available. Lol.
  17. shep3470

    No More NFL, college or HS Football soon

    No way this would happen in my lifetime (I'm 29). The NFL makes so much money, not only for players and coaches and owners, but also for charities. The major college programs generate a lot of money. All it takes is some fine print in all the players contracts that say the team and NFL will...
  18. shep3470

    Tiger Woods '12 anyone?

    Once you go HD you will never go back. Got my first HDTV 4 years ago, a 50" Samsung, and have since gone up to a 70". You can find great deals on them right now and prices, they say, are still going to drop.
  19. shep3470

    2012 Coffee Cup Challenge???

    Really? Besides his Masters win, last year he was T9 at the U.S. Open and T12 at the PGA Championship, and T16 at the British Open. Pretty good year in the majors. He only played 15 events on the PGA Tour in 2011 and had 10 top 25's and 3 top 10's. If you live under a rock you probably haven't...
  20. shep3470

    Playing through

    Golfer claims he was stabbed while playing through | Golf Channel Will you ask to play through again? HAHA!