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  1. neill91_maui

    SC studio design

    thanks for the reply
  2. neill91_maui

    SC studio design

    I'm wondering if anyone know's what year the scotty cameron studio design putter's came out.
  3. neill91_maui

    British Open Challenge

    Sergio Garcia Padraig Harrington 10 Phil Mickleson Ernie Els 2
  4. neill91_maui

    my clubs

    just thought i would post a couple pictures of my golf clubs
  5. neill91_maui

    BEST and/or FAVORITE purchases of the year

    1, king cobra hs9 driver 2,:callaway:callaway x20 irons 3,:smilie_tmtaylormade monte carlo 7 putter
  6. neill91_maui

    Dear God help me... I searched and found a Scotty Cameron again

    Rare Pre-Cameron napa Titleist Putter! - eBay (item 150255066905 end time Jun-10-08 20:08:05 PDT) maybe this one?
  7. neill91_maui

    The Players Championship

    J.B Holmes brandt snedeker
  8. neill91_maui

    What is your 200 yard club?

    all carry 4 iron roll 5 iron
  9. neill91_maui

    This is ALMOST a golf Q- MP3 Question!

    what about the new ipod shuffle's i think there 50$
  10. neill91_maui

    i got a question

    thanks for the reply's
  11. neill91_maui

    i got a question

    i hit my ball and the ball hit a tree and went out of bounds so what do i do? where do i drop the ball? thanks.
  12. neill91_maui

    GEL putter

    Gel Putter, Groove Putter - Groove Equipment LTD
  13. neill91_maui


    i hit the g10 driver at a demo sunday i loved it. i'll probally try to buy it later on
  14. neill91_maui


    archerytalk.com bigwatersedge.com allkayakfishing.com
  15. neill91_maui


    thank you mahalo
  16. neill91_maui


    i have a set of taylor made lcg irons they say burner on my sole. my question is does anyone know the diameter of the hosel? i am thinking about getting them reshafted istead of saveing and buy new irons. thanks.
  17. neill91_maui

    junoir golf tournament

    i came in 7th out of 8 people in my age group i shot a 101 but i didnt think i did that bad.i guess i gotta take a bit more time putting. oh well i have another tournamnet on the 4th.
  18. neill91_maui

    how do you figure distance?

    the course i play at has yardage markers in the ground that are different colors blue is 200 yards white is 150 yards and red is 100 yards i play there often so i just take my rangefinder with me and figure everything out and then the yardage is just stuck in my head and i know it all there...
  19. neill91_maui

    junoir golf tournament

    i felt i did ok not my best i managed a few pars mostly bogies had a few doubles and a couple triples it was my first time playing at the course i was still gettting used to my driver. when i went to the driveing range i wasn't hitting any of my clubs well so i went and putt'd around a bit...
  20. neill91_maui

    Fav. club in the bag

    i have 3 favorite's i love my driver king cobra hs9 i can hit that thing far staright low and it runs for a mile i also like my 52* ping iwedge and my taylormade monte carlo 7 putter