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  1. nututhugame

    NFL baby!

    and the one with more rings...
  2. nututhugame

    NFL baby!

    equally as important is the fact that any number of guys from the defense couldve been awarded the defensive player of the week.
  3. nututhugame

    NFL baby!

    Ah yes, football season. both of my boys teams are 2-0, as are The Pack. Yes yes.
  4. nututhugame

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I wonder what these guys are up to???
  5. nututhugame

    Going back

    I just put Lamkin crossline mids on all my clubs. 2 wraps, 3 on the wedges. Immediate improvement.
  6. nututhugame

    Why I Love Shottalk

  7. nututhugame

    Old Pics from Wisconsin Shot Talker outings

    The guy all the way on the right in the 5'th pic is ejdahl. Brew Crew hat is Fitzpatrick. Behind the rock in the navy shirt is Mike1218. Also in the 5'th pic I believe the blue shirt with full brim hat is Rory (indacup) and I think the older of the two with the ties and top hats is Zaphod (could...
  8. nututhugame

    NFL baby!

    They sure are!
  9. nututhugame

    Kuro Kage Black and Silver

    Black is higher launch/spin. Silver is more "tour"ish.
  10. nututhugame

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Um, yes.
  11. nututhugame

    Tiger's effect on golf

    Yeah, just like you.
  12. nututhugame

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere!
  13. nututhugame

    Yahoo Tourny Pickem

    In their last game KY got 2pts for a shot that didn't even go in. Anyways... jerks can mask being jerks till they actually lose. Just sayin. Scratch the points thing... didn't know they did end up taking them off. Apologies for the blunder. I stand by the second half of my statement though.
  14. nututhugame

    Tiger's effect on golf

    Fan boy.
  15. nututhugame

    Tiger's effect on golf

    One of the effects Tiger has had on golf is the same effect MJ did on basketball. Just raising the bar way higher and changing the game to the point where people had to step up or step off. He made "golfers" become "athletes". I contend that the average basketball player now is the equal or...
  16. nututhugame

    Rory's 3 iron in lake, ebay worth?

    We don't know that Rory is not an asshole. Once upon a time Tiger was a young witty dude tearing up courses, then came Nike, $, and bitches. Just sayin.
  17. nututhugame

    Rory's 3 iron in lake, ebay worth?

  18. nututhugame

    Ping Peeps

    I remember selling some mint S58's a little while back...
  19. nututhugame

    Ready to move

    Hell yeah. Born & raised in WI... i'm almost 37 now and i'm over it. Very very over it. If, no wait... when I move to a warmer climate I will miss Lake Michigan though. There are a few days here in summer that are pure heaven living right on the inland ocean. Being a carpenter who has to work in...
  20. nututhugame

    If you couldn't live in your country ...

    I suspect once you dug a little deeper you'd gravitate away from the Bay Area. Myself... Australia.