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  1. Victory

    Callaway X2 Hot Driver released.

    JUST- had the rep by this morning.. X2 - driver-fwy-hybrid ,, apex iron and apex pro, all the putters etc... and yes hit all also.. x2 driver stock aldila atx blue is a nice combo. x2 driver is a deeper faced setup- dark black matt finish, nice sound at impact and gets down the fwy...
  2. Victory

    Tucked or untucked???

    Tuck It.. the 19th hole at hooters doing the hoola hoop to impress the waitress - you can have your shirt un-tucked.
  3. Victory

    Rate this golf addict

    and you have 1 driver.. big bertha war bird 8* with a grafalloy pro lite 3.5 stiff. ;)
  4. Victory

    New driver on order

    the covert performance is a solid driver.. kiyo white is flat out nice also.. great combo- nike & oban dealer any questions let me know guys.. :cool:
  5. Victory

    oban shafts

    yes sir there is and i beleave part of the name sake. why the owners picked it. you like the blue in your r5 the black kiyo is a good match.. thanks
  6. Victory

    Rechrome Miuras or Buy New?

    understand 100% deal with alot of college/ mini tour pro's. and when it is just time to work on tempo - form etc.. they use a back up set to hone in these spots- thus fresh grooves for real play. just fyi brother. play on.
  7. Victory

    New Okato Color - New Okato Price

    love the new color. you will see this green more in 2013.. soldi performing shaft also..
  8. Victory

    oban shafts

    alright- two good options and i do not have a favorite. bothy have been solid fairway shafts.. fuji F3 or Oban Devotion 8.. both kinda of made for fwy woods. so kick points - weight - torque all very nice. if the blue nt85 worked out nice - were in the right ball park..
  9. Victory

    oban shafts

    Oban dealer- happy to help anyone with questions etc.. they are nice:cool:
  10. Victory

    Never happens to me: NSFW

    Ben Wright
  11. Victory

    Rechrome Miuras or Buy New?

    get them re worked-- for practice time- use different clubs.. keep some old wedges, old set nd beat them at the range to work on a swing issue - timeing etc.. save the main set for weekend war time*
  12. Victory

    I've Got the Answer

    cheaper way out- just borrow or demo the clubs-- after 3rounds return and try something new. ;)
  13. Victory

    Bigger, deeper, faster, longer - Really??

    although the OEM's are getting better on the custom fitting aspects. i still do alot of retro fitting on current sets or just straight new builds with name brands. especially with stock graphite shafts- worst.. most custom iron orders come in fine - lie lofts- swing weight - flex - always...
  14. Victory

    Carded a 77 and it was beaten by....

    looks like your mind is in a good state- leave the bag alone also :) good playing
  15. Victory

    Oakley sues McIlroy, Nike over recent deal

    Oakley put their arsh into this kid. their game plan for accounts in 2012 was Rory. they closed down alot of accounts that could not take the entire cloths line- you had to take the cloths along with the glasses.. and commit to alot of Rory wear.. i am sure there pissed. court battle now...
  16. Victory

    Hi From NC

    get to charlotte - look us up* welcome
  17. Victory

    Welcome Victory Custom Golf As Our New Sponsor

    yo! happy to be back- happy to help answer questions on any of the new product coming out in JAN. so far have had all the name brand guys by and hit-smelled-tasted- try to take- all the new golf clubs.. so know whats coming.. have a great holidays- speak soon*
  18. Victory

    TM RocketBladez Irons

    well had the rep stop by with a sample 6iron only.stock setup. we will see the full set soon. refined RBZ head- if you did not like rbz because too bulky style - RBldz is a polished off version as for the design lines - eye angle from the top down etc. hits like the rbz irons- just plain...
  19. Victory

    So you're killing Godzilla as well Taylormade?

    super max looks greaT- hows does she hit?
  20. Victory

    Should play the Golf can keep fit?

    put an energy bar, apple in your bag-- eat something on the 1st nine and the back nine. drink water.. keep your energy up and you will be fine.. and walk if you can- talk about burning off some lbs..... good luck with it all....