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  1. 20 PAT's

    too funny

    there is some strong language so if you are easily offended take a pass http://profootballmock.com/?p=4810 and its sequel http://profootballmock.com/?p=5020
  2. 20 PAT's

    Vermont golf

    Any interest in a VT Shottalk outing???
  3. 20 PAT's

    Honking at old people

    That is hilarious.
  4. 20 PAT's

    Hey, 20PAT's

    Thanks Ive been gone for a bit. Played a couple of holes Monday, too cold up here in Vermont. Looking forward to a long summer. Thanks again.
  5. 20 PAT's

    Ping G20 v. i20....thoughts???

    I played the Eye 2+s for 18 years before switching to my Cobra CBs. This winter I left my CBs in Florida not expecting to play golf in Vermont in March. I broke out the Eye 2+s last week and have to admit they are pretty good. The look took a while getting used to, but the feel was not as bad as...
  6. 20 PAT's

    What is up?

    hooray!!!! do I need to be concerned that this has effected (affected?) my PC?
  7. 20 PAT's

    What is up?

    just tried to search with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and both went to 123Fileshare...
  8. 20 PAT's

    Hole In One

    Congrats!!! next time I see you I'll take a Fresca!!
  9. 20 PAT's

    What is up?

    Every time I try to access the site from google I get redirected to file123.com or something like that and it tries to add some popup crap to my PC. What gives???
  10. 20 PAT's

    Anybody seen 20 Pat's today??

    Thanks! Started the day off at my doctors office at 8 AM, but it got better!!
  11. 20 PAT's


    Good shootin'!! Keep it up.
  12. 20 PAT's

    What to do?

    My friend had to "return" two Acadias because when it would rain the water would somehow end up on the floorboards. Fortunately, for her, her sister is an exec at Gen Mo.
  13. 20 PAT's

    What to do?

    AWD Fancy upscale Hondas
  14. 20 PAT's

    Testing THE HAMMER!!! BOOOOM!!!! (HD Video)

    My favorite part of the infomercial is the guy with the backwards Kangol..
  15. 20 PAT's

    New Job, (finally)

    Congrats on the new post! I used to work for them as a Package Preloader and they are a strong company to work for. They even take good care of the part-time holiday grunts. Enjoy your weekends off!! Happy for you.
  16. 20 PAT's

    What to do?

    The Yukon is a good choice. If the GMC Acadia wasn't so unreliable it would be a good choice, too. The amount of room is way above average. And they kick a$$ in the snow...
  17. 20 PAT's

    What to do?

    When my wife and I went to look for cars to replace her Element we did not see a lot of AWD Acuras in our price range, I'm sure that if we wanted one bad enough I suppose we could have found one though. My best friends wife has an RDX and I couldn't justify the difference in price between the...
  18. 20 PAT's

    What to do?

    Used 2008 Acura MDX Tech Pkg For Sale | South Burlington VT what did this go for new?? $90,000? Maybe thats why no one is buying them Sheesh. The point is that it is much easier to find inexpensive Volvo, Audi, or Subies in THIS area...
  19. 20 PAT's

    What to do?

    5 year cost of ownership on 2010 BMW X5 = $57029 5 year cost of ownership on 2010 Acura MDX = $53988 My point is that it is difficult to find (in this area) a reasonably priced preowned AWD Acura. I don't think I will ever buy a new car anyway. I'm poor..
  20. 20 PAT's

    What to do?

    The reason why we don't have a lot of Acuras around here (Southern VT) is lack of vehicles with AWD. The cars that are the most prevalent are Subies (AWD) Volvo XC (AWD) Audi (AWD). I realize that honda/acura make a great product (Mrs. 20PAT's drove a 95 Accord wagon for 225K then an Element...