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    Where is the discussion?

    Gee I wonder why?????? I've got a few ideas. See ya.
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    What's Making Your Day Today...

    Wrapping up a $24,000 deal today. Business has sucked the past two years so this one feels extra special....especially since I took the business from a hated competitor.
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    New #1

    Let me put this another way. If you look at the top 10 in the world and you look at the stats for wins, majors, top 10s and top 25s you will see (at least I was shocked when I saw it) that with the exception of Phil none of the rest of these guys have done much of anything in their careers by...
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    New #1

    Come on guys, the pitchforks come out at the mere mention of his name. Sometimes the pitchforks come out even without the mention of his name. Now everyone claims they don't hate the guy. I must be reading a different forum today.
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    New #1

    Agreed that Kymer is a much more legitimate #1. Westwood as #1 was a bad joke. For a bit of balance go look up the carreer stats of everyone in the top 10. Look at Majors won, Tournaments Won, Top 10s and Top 25s. Its Shocking. No doubt at all who the best active golfer on the planet is...
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    Accenture Match Play

    If my prediction holds the eventual winner will come from tomorrow's match between Ogilvee and Bubba Watson. That would be a fun one to watch. I would also like to see a match between JB Holmes and Bubba Watson. Perhaps that provides a hint of who I think will win the event.
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    Accenture Match Play

    Another idotic post. See my original response to Irish. Insert that response here. I actually ditched out of work today a little early and got to watch Phil get run over by a kid on a dirt bike.
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    Accenture Match Play

    Phil ran into a buzzsaw today. Fowler was on fire.
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    Accenture Match Play

    If someone makes an unprovoked personal attack at me I will respond. Some might not like my response. Oh well.
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    fixin idiot marks?

    I find myself hitting hybrids and fairway woods out of fairway bunkers once in a while on par 5s. I just use a black paint marker you get from an art store.
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    Accenture Match Play

    The problem with the sunday broadcast is that there are not enough golfers on the course to keep the action going.
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    Accenture Match Play

    Probably the stupidest post ever. Get your head out of your ____!!! I listed the names in the bracket in the order they appear in the bracket sheet on the PGA website. Are you blinded by hate or just pure stupidity. Look at the names in that bracket bumble_____. That bracket is stacked.
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    Accenture Match Play

    What do you think???? The Snead bracket looks to be the toughest one. My prediction is whoever wins match 51 will go on to win. The possible people to emerge from match 51 are Woods, Bjorn, Ogilvy, Harrington, Dustin Johnson, Mark Wilson, Bill Haas and Bubba Watson. Prediction for the final...
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    Northern Trust Open / Feb 17 – 20 2011 / Riviera Country Club · Pacific Palisades, Ca

    Re: Northern Trust Open / Feb 17 – 20 2011 / Riviera Country Club · Pacific Palisades I watched a bit yesterday. Haven't rooted for a train wreck so bad in a long time. Nothing against Baddeley, I just wanted Fred or Vijay to win.
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    What is the biggest flaw in your golf game?????

    Thought this might be an interesting thread. For me its hitting putts 3 to 6 feet past the hole. Its a rare putt that comes up short.....all my misses are way long. What's yours?
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    What's on your nerves today?

    <a href="http://www.evtv1.com/player.aspx?itemnum=1079" target="_blank">SNL: Wade Blasingame Dog Attorney</a> http://www.evtv1.com/player.aspx?itemnum=1079
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    Hey Cheeseheads

    Is that why they are rioting????
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    Putting on a new grip 101 - By none other than Ian Poulter

    I can see the oil thing cause it is a bit more involved. I always did my own oil until it became a problem to dispose of the old oil. As for grips its incredibly easy, there is no mess, and it requires minimal tools. I enjoy doing it and its a good way to spend a winter evening or a down day...
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    Putting on a new grip 101 - By none other than Ian Poulter

    What's the big deal about regripping clubs. Even a monkey could do it. (No offence to monkeys intended). I'd be curious how many of you pay someone else to regrip your clubs. Now that's just silly.:beach3:
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    Tiger Woods - Classy guy!

    Good point on the Sunflower Seeds. That is a new phenomenon that I have noticed quite a bit the past two seasons. WTF!!!!!!!!!:mad: