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  1. K

    For those of you...

    but Rock, you could sell the Cameron you get from the trade and get like 20 White Hot's :)
  2. K

    Ho stuff arrives Monday...

    i love the black series!
  3. K

    Tiger, get a grip...

    Tiger doesn't complain about his injuries, use them as excuses, and even tries to play them down. He seems modest to me. I agree with those who say that he has a right to get angry and express it. When he makes a bad shot, he isn't thinking "what will people think of me of I throw my club". He...
  4. K


    I agree, did not know quote who I should be rooting for. I felt both happy and sad at the end. Hopefully he can bring it next year. The playoff was insane.
  5. K

    ho'd a new putter! looking for a grip

    Winn Putter Grips: Excel Jumbo AVS Black Pistol Putter Grip I love how this looks, going to have to try out a couple grips.
  6. K

    ho'd a new putter! looking for a grip

    So, I usually wake up at 11:00AM or so, but I set my alarm clock at 7:30 to get up and bid on this putter on eBay. Odyssey Black Series #2 Putter 33" - eBay (item 320262320068 end time Jun-16-08 08:13:19 PDT) The headcover looks worn out, but the putter looks way better than stated. I love...
  7. K

    I'm not a Tiger guy, but..

    I wasn't home for this yesterday, where can I watch a replay/ highlights/ ANYTHING!?
  8. K

    CG12 or Vokey - Help me HO!

    thanks for the good help guys! i'm actually planning to get a new set in a few months. (dumping 3-pw,sw) I'm looking at mizuno mx-23, titelist 695cb (i demo'd these, love them). Possibly TLT. I just wanted to ask about the wedges now so that I could get accustomed to some and wouldn't have to...
  9. K

    CG12 or Vokey - Help me HO!

    hello st'ers I had a simple question that I didn't really want to start a new thread in. sorry if i'm derailing your thread ! (i'm planning to get some vokey SM's too) What's the difference between a 52/56/60 set up , or say 54/ 58, etc. will getting a 56 vs a 58 for main sand wedge make a...
  10. K

    demo'd scotty vs black series

    I'm starting to think we agree on many, many things. I'm looking for the 33" black series #2 on the bay and elsewhere now. ... Bettinardi putters also have caught my eye but I have nowhere to demo it and hope I won't have to confuse my head more.
  11. K

    Ping i10 Iron Fitting

    i'm looking for some Srixon 504 wedges :D
  12. K

    New Nike commercial

    love your post, it really shows that Nike is going for a more subtle marketing approach and becoming a brand that people like, instead of just screaming "MOI, 20 extra yards, etc etc".
  13. K

    demo'd scotty vs black series

    Went to the local store and demo'd scotty cameron newport studio style odyssey black series #2 black series i #7 I really wanted to like the scotty the most, but I loved the black series #2 (no insert). The backweighting might have been the biggest reason. I loved every single putt and was...
  14. K

    New Nike commercial

    Just a side note; Christmas, Valentine's day, Mother's Day, etc. etc. etc. Aren't all of these holidays now turned into mass "go buy a gift" days. Great commercial. You could put a lot of different people in that spot (firemen, soldiers) and probably make it more emotional / touching.
  15. K

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    hit my first club about a month ago, played my first 18 today (walked) hit a 116 :D 64 first 9, 52 back 9
  16. K

    Somebody buy something

    what's the titleist hat with the dog? it's nice!
  17. K

    Somebody buy something

    I'm about to buy an Aldila NVS shaft for my driver :) tips on choosing weight? 65,75, etc I'm getting an R flex, and am planning to cut it down to about 43"-44". 5'5, wrist to floor of 33". thanks!
  18. K

    My Daddy makes more than your Daddy

    :) I think it's just the environment they grew up in that shapes them later on. Tiger saw his dad hitting some golf balls into a net at a very young age and copied. These basketball players might have grown up surrounded by the "thug style gangsta crap" which is why they act like that now. It...
  19. K

    WTB: TEE CB1 3W

    hey everyone! I need a 15deg cb1, preferably with a regular shaft in it. I've heard a lot of mumbo jumbo about how good this club is :) I'm not sure if I could play a stiff but I'll go hit in front of a launch monitor on Friday to make sure. Thanks!
  20. K

    TM Burner balls at Costco $19.99

    last time i bought balls at costco there were 2dozen in the pack. gloves 3 in a pack. if so that's a pretty good price