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  1. subsonic

    Alabama Loses!

    When too many people jump on the bandwagon, the bandwagon gets UPSET.
  2. subsonic

    New Rule Changes (1 January 2019)

    Golf is a game for cats. Be a dog...
  3. subsonic


    I have a buddy that lives in Minnesota. Wolves have had a disastrous effect on the deer population. Their motto is Shoot. Shovel. Shut up.
  4. subsonic

    New Grandbaby!

  5. subsonic

    what did you shoot today?

    Should have dropped a dime geezer. Five minutes from my Casa.
  6. subsonic

    what did you shoot today?

    What course did you play geezer?
  7. subsonic

    Man's Best Friend

    Dogs are the best of the best. I had a dog that would wait outside until I came home every day. He did this until he passed away at 15yo. My wife could not make him come inside until I came home, so she bought him a jacket.
  8. subsonic

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. subsonic

    Swing mechanics

    I do not have time to work on my game. I just go and play when I have the opportunity.
  10. subsonic

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Florida's Friendliest Hometown!
  11. subsonic

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    VillagesLife... #geezergangsta
  12. subsonic

    what did you shoot today?

    Just take some nice half swings... Get your tempo back...
  13. subsonic

    Some days can be awfully rough....

    I am sorry to hear that Limp. They become a part of the family... It is supposed to hurt, because that reminds us how much we love them.
  14. subsonic

    I quit ho-ing.............

    This is how papaD will quit HOing clubs. He has to get dementia, so his same old clubs will seem new every day. Problem Solved.
  15. subsonic

    Golf Glove poll - wear one or not?

    I do not wear a glove. Prefer to raw dog it...
  16. subsonic

    Baseline Golf Course, Ocala, FL (Bellview).

    Awesome Course and I also think courses like that are great for the game.
  17. subsonic

    G400 Max Driver

    You are starting to sound like WBL...
  18. subsonic

    what did you shoot today?

    Shot a 90 at The Piedmont Club
  19. subsonic

    Guess where I'm playing on Friday?

    Awesome! Glad you were able to push through with your busted wheel. Are you still hitting the Taylormades?