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  1. Fourputt

    Srixon Z Star

    The Z-Star is the toughest premium ball I've played. It also performs well. It has become my ball of choice.
  2. Fourputt

    What is the penalty situation here?

    Actually I don't think that he incurred more than just a one stroke penalty for causing his ball at rest to move. As long as he replaced it before holing out, it's just a one stroke penalty. It looks funny as hell, but since it's all part of the same action, the fact that the ball hit him...
  3. Fourputt

    Other golf forums

    I can put a name to one of those. I saw your recent attempt to put a different slant on a topic and you got thoroughly gang raped. If I have the site right, it's one where I only post any more when I'm trying to create some controversy. You are correct in that if you don't hold the party...
  4. Fourputt

    Five Good Reasons To Reform or Drop The Tavistock Cup

    Yup. It's like walking up to the homeless guy panhandling on the street corner and burning a $100 bill in his face. No way it promotes the game.
  5. Fourputt

    Northern Trust Open / Feb 17 – 20 2011 / Riviera Country Club · Pacific Palisades, Ca

    Re: Northern Trust Open / Feb 17 – 20 2011 / Riviera Country Club · Pacific Palisades Amen.... I don't disagree that they are both responsible, but blaming it on the caddie is a cop out. That's twice now in a just a few months that he has been penalized for not taking note of key...
  6. Fourputt

    laser rangefinders

    Yep, me too! Don't get this if you ever plan to keep a handicap or play in competitions. It has the slope feature, which is not allowed under the rules.... ever. The GX-1 is legal.
  7. Fourputt

    V groove conforming irons on the market

    I know, but my comment is still valid. The grooves, or their absence, have nothing to do with spin, especially when you are talking about a driver. My TaylorMade Tour driver that I've had for more than 20 years does have grooves across the hitting area. Virtually all wooden headed drivers had...
  8. Fourputt

    V groove conforming irons on the market

    Horsehockey!!! I've been playing "V" grooves for 2 years and it's made no difference whatsoever in my game. From the fairway they spin every bit as sell as a square groove. From the rough, like most amateurs, I can't hit the ball sharply enough for square groves to matter. So I play for a...
  9. Fourputt

    World #1 slot up for grabs in the Dessert

    It sort of all depends on how they do doesn't it? You seem to assume that they will both finish high. If they both finish low, then who knows?
  10. Fourputt

    Tending the flag(Phil)

    If the flagstick is attended, then it's a 2 stroke penalty if the ball hits it. Rule 17-3:
  11. Fourputt

    Tending the flag(Phil)

    You have the option of leaving it in untended if your ball is off the green, or you can have it removed, or you can have it tended. I think the misconception comes from always being asked if you want it in or out when you are putting or chipping from the fringe. The third option is rarely...
  12. Fourputt

    Tending the flag(Phil)

    Rule 17-1
  13. Fourputt

    Good Read

    For the record, it was a Christmas present from my sister's husband many years ago. Very early in Tiger's career the Tour was on the Florida swing. The guy who once played lead guitar in my Bro-in-law's band owned a surf shop in south Florida. He went to the Monday practice round, took...
  14. Fourputt

    Good Read

    Fortunately I still do like baseball. Diehard Rockies fan here. Plus I'm more likely to get out and play golf.... I really don't watch it that much outside of the majors. If I happen to be sitting round bored, then I might, but not if I have anything else to do.
  15. Fourputt

    Does 5 Yards Matter in Golf?

    How accurate do you want to be? It doesn't matter to me that I may not hit every shot a perfect distance, I still want the best information possible to start out with. That means that I not only know exactly how far I want to hit the ball, but if necessary, I can add in a fudge factor that...
  16. Fourputt

    Good Read

    I have nothing against Tiger (I have an 11x17 autographed photo of him over the desk in my study), and I agree that he brings something to the game that just isn't there when he's either absent or playing poorly. I'd like nothing better than to see him come back to his old form this season.
  17. Fourputt

    Good Read

    I don't think that it is exciting for any but diehard golf fans. Back in the 70's and 80's Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer were household names even for people on the fringes of the game. That is the sort of recognition that Tiger brought to the game when it was looking for a new icon, and...
  18. Fourputt

    my big problem

    Just keep doing it. It takes experience to get used to playing shots when the pressure is on. The only way to practice for competition is to play in tournaments.
  19. Fourputt

    Best GPS/Range finder/Cell phone software

    Yep. Too many guys seem to think that you can noly use the laser for shooting the flag. You can literlly get a measurement to anything you can see within range of the unit. I use it to determine failsafe layup shots regularly. I shoot bunker lips in from the greens, and even the distance to...
  20. Fourputt

    Best GPS/Range finder/Cell phone software

    Just for clarification, the laser and GPS are not integrated. They are separate - just happen to be housed in the same case. I already have and use both, so this would just be a costly toy at this point. I'm waiting for the next step where they do integrate the two. Take a reading on the...