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  1. BStone

    What did you buy today?

    That is a nice pick up, I haven't given mine a good enough chance to make it in the bag, it is going to be higher in the rotation this season.
  2. BStone

    Odyssey #9

    I have several of the HT heads, it is said to move the CG a bit more towards the toe allowing for a quicker release. I didn't find that to be the case, same feel but a different look at address was all I got from it.
  3. BStone

    My WITB

    New for 2015.
  4. BStone

    Want to buy a bag, Callaway razr

    Unfortunately I was not a Callaway staffer when this bag was available. I think my rep has one as a demo bag, I can ask him.
  5. BStone

    33" putter?

    My putter is 32.75", it works for me on any length putt, I just take the club back further and have a longer follow through with longer putts.
  6. BStone

    Your grip of choice.

    I used the Lamkin REL 3Gen last season, this year I am using the i-Line grips from Lamkin and have been very happy with them so far. They made them in conjunction with Iomic and they are almost exactly the same feel at far less cost.
  7. BStone

    2013 US Open Championship

    Due to the location of the drop off from the range, it was easier to start guys on 11 rather than 10.
  8. BStone

    Lie angles

    Can you explain that thought please? I don't think I understand what you are saying. From my interpretation it seems as though you are questioning the validity of measuring the swing by swinging? Hence my confusion.
  9. BStone

    Wedge Setups

    I have a 46* PW, 52* and 58*.
  10. BStone

    Lie angles

    You are also hitting off of a perfectly flat surface with the traditional lie boards. I would say that you almost never have a perfectly level situation on the course. Some people subconsciously change their swing when hitting off of a board as well.
  11. BStone

    Lie angles

    I don't think I understand the original question? The last post seems like you are trying to demonstrate that traditional lie angle fittings aren't necessary. I would say that one round is not enough to make a judgement about how effective the traditional lie angle tests are. I've used a rental...
  12. BStone

    21* Nike VR Pro Hybrid

    I have one that I am looking to sell, it has a Matrix hM2 Black shaft in it. It is a really good club, solid feel and the ball jumps off the face.
  13. BStone

    Pictures of your golf equipment and bag

    The ProType putters have a 350 gram head for 33", 340 for 34", and 330 for 35". Most of the premium putters are built that way.
  14. BStone

    Pictures of your golf equipment and bag

    Mine has some weight added down the shaft. I wish they would do heavier heads for shorter length putters like they do with the ProType series. I actually have a White Hot Pro and the ProType Black coming to test. If thinks go like I suspect, I will most likely end up with the ProType Black #9.
  15. BStone

    Pictures of your golf equipment and bag

    It's a club I will use off the tee, we have a 220 yard par three and I can't quite get the height that I want with the X Utility to land it softly enough. I realized that the Utility is really the same as a 2 iron, just a bit more forgiving, you get a flatter flight and lower launch than with a...
  16. BStone

    Pictures of your golf equipment and bag

    It's still around, testing the XHP at the moment.
  17. BStone

    Shaft Replacement

    The adapters are not interchangeable, but if you are able to either remove the adapter from the cobra and save the plastic part above it, you can install the Cobra adapter onto the Aldila shaft.
  18. BStone

    Golf Boys tear it up again ...

    Didn't really care for the first one. I thought this one was just as bad.
  19. BStone

    Custom shoe fitting

    I had something like that done for a pair of hockey skates when I was younger. Not nearly as high tech, they actually made a mold of my feet and built the boot around it. Seems like the tennis players would need it a bit more than a golfer due to the high speed stops and starts they have to make.