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  1. bames

    Happy Friday Song

    In honor of bringing my wife to the U2 concert tonight for her birthday, I'm breaking away from the norm. Happy Friday suckas, enjoy your day at work, except PPD, while I bask in the sun in AZ
  2. bames

    I need your help

    I used to think the same. I won't do them very often now. It was more of a personal challenge, tribute to someone had passed, blah, blah, blah thing, but its feels amazing to complete one.
  3. bames

    Driver sale

    Wow! Tempted to pick up an Adams XTD.
  4. bames

    I need your help

    Oh, I also signed up for races like Tough Mudders, Spartans, and eventually marathons and I hated, hated running. Hated it. But it gave me a definitive timeframe and motivation.
  5. bames

    I need your help

    First and foremost good for you. When I decided to make a change in my diet I found it started at the store. If it isn't in my house or my desk then I won't eat it. Like many have said, I think moderation and use your head is the key to longevity. I also started out by precooking meals on...
  6. bames

    Happy Friday Song

    Happy Friday kids
  7. bames

    Y'all are boring today

  8. bames

    What's for dinner?

    Teriyaki marinated rib on kabobs per the Mrs' request ...happy wife, happy life.
  9. bames

    25th Anniversary

    Cabo San Lucas is one of my favorites. I also think Myrtle Beach would be a good anniversary trip.
  10. bames

    Happy Friday Song

    Lil Kim is by far the best part of that ^^^ song
  11. bames

    Happy Friday Song

    Don't forget Mother's Day is Sunday...Happy Friday fools
  12. bames

    What did you buy today?

    I noticed I have quite a gap in my wedges (Vokey 60° 56° 52°) since switching to Cally Apex Pros. My PW is 135 yds and my 52° is 110 yds. I looked up the lofts and found my PW to be 46°! Well that would do it. So I brought in 3 of my 5 Vokeys (Thanks T) and walked out of the local golf shop...
  13. bames

    Y'all are boring today

    I've eaten PB nearly every day of my life (except for a brief stint in a 3rd world country) and I will continue to eat it every day until I die...young most likely
  14. bames

    Tiger Woods Talks About Black Pioneers and Lack of African-American Tour Players

    They do when you get caught with them in a "Full Massage Offered Here" parlor. Just saying...not from experience...its just what I've heard...and I'm going to stop talking now
  15. bames

    what did you shoot today?

    38 last night in league. Back to back doubles which I followed up with two birdies. The bigger thing is I moved up 36 places with my scoring. Need to be top 24 on the money list to play in the cup. New goal. Big tournament this weekend should help!
  16. bames

    what did you shoot today?

    Greatest game!
  17. bames

    Where did you play today?

    Wasatch Lakes Course. Just a few pics
  18. bames

    What did you build today?

    I'm still trying to get over a dude taking a selfie with a hammer to be honest.
  19. bames

    Your balls, Your Score..

    Haha, I don't know the exact distance but on a par 5 we played he had something around 260 left to come home in two. First time he had taken a swing with it and flies the green hitting tree behind the green on the fly, and its a good thing he did or the ball would've been in the clubhouse...
  20. bames

    what did you shoot today?

    38...nice little course up in the mountains. Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course Golf Midway UT . Missed a 3' birdie putt on 18 too. Perfect ha. I actually didn't hit the ball that well, one of those rounds where I probably should've shot 40-42. I'll take it.