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  1. aceillini

    interesting fittings

    I recently had a fitting session at a couple places..The first was why I went to the second.The first had me hit all my clubs on a launch monitor and checked the flex.When done they suggested I hit a club that they made up for me.They made me a Callaway Razr 6 iron with a Project X 5.5 ...My...
  2. aceillini

    Show Your Christmas Bling

    no pics but i got 52* and 58* Callaway Jaws
  3. aceillini

    Played on Jan 7th in New York

    yeah this winter weather so far is crazy.Just played yesterday (Jan 10) in Illinois.Kinda liking this global warming thing LOL
  4. aceillini

    What golf stuff did Santa bring you?

    I got 3 dozen Bridgestone E5 and a course membership...
  5. aceillini

    Golfing new years resolution

    I vow to walk as many rounds as my fat a** rides!!!!!!!!!
  6. aceillini

    Will Phil win in '09

    I hope Phil and others keep winning.I hope Tigers win total this year is 1.Not because I dont like Tiger but I am so tired of him being the only golfer in the tourney according to the media.I enjoy his talent but I also like seeing what else is out there!
  7. aceillini

    March Madness is upon us

    Gotta plug my Illini but I believe UNC looks pretty good right now.Keep an eye on USC.They seem to be getting hot!
  8. aceillini

    New Clevaland Lineup, CG7 and Monster

    I would like to try the new launcher fairways...anyone tried them yet?
  9. aceillini

    if you had $250.00 to spend

    if it doesnt have to be golf related you could send it to your favorite bank as a bailout other than that save it for for your 19th hole fund for the year
  10. aceillini


    Just how far off are the yardages?I can deal with 5 yrds or so right now my game isnt accurate to 5 yrds anyway.It seems pretty easy to add mapped things to.But then again I have only read the insructions and not actually tried to edit.
  11. aceillini

    What did Santa bring You Golf related?

    I did ok,I recieved a Sonocaddie GPS,Cardinals golf towel,Cardinals hatclip/marker,2 dozen E5's & 2 dozen NXT Tours.
  12. aceillini


    Hi all,I recieved a Sonocaddie v300 from my bride for Christmas.Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with on since I do not?Any positive/negatives?
  13. aceillini


    Good start Bucky!!Hopefully my Illini can follow suit and beat Clemson.Maybe the B10 can finally win one of these things.
  14. aceillini

    So who does Shottalk vote to be #2

    PENN STATE!!!!!Damn them Hawkeyes
  15. aceillini

    AC/DC Black Ice

    not bad for AC/DC....they will never be Air Supply though :p:p:p:p
  16. aceillini

    Womans fairway wood help?

    Good luck, it's great getting the loved ones involved in our sport. I finally got my wife hooked, and she is yelling at me because she doesn't get to golf enough. Sexier words have never been spoken. I can relate to that,I have made a monster.She even wants to go in the cold...and she came up...
  17. aceillini

    Womans fairway wood help?

    I will have to throw some support out for the Cleveland Hibore W-series fairways.My wife got them this spring and her accuracy and distance improved alot.She hits the 3W and 5W alot.Highly recomend these!She went from the 108 range to her low of 93 this year after the addition of these woods.
  18. aceillini


    I would have to agree.The QB looked pretty decent.Not sure what happened to the Illini QB?I was afraid the real wisky would show up this week.Guess with this week over I can pull for the Badgers for the rest of the season.Congrats Badgers...
  19. aceillini


    well I wish I could make the trek up to camp randall to see the game.To much going on here with the kids.I usually pull for the Badgers but this time I hope the Illini can take it....
  20. aceillini


    I know there are alot of Wisconsin folk here.So,what are you all expecting for this weeks game against my Illini?Are the REAL Badgers going to show up or are the ones from the last couple games going to be present?I know they are much better than their record!!I predict Illinois 24 Wisky 17.