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  1. IrishGolfer

    Official: 2023 PGA Championship Challenge

    John Rahm Rors!! (C'mon!) Jason Day Tony Finau
  2. IrishGolfer

    United Premier PC-01 blades - review

    No, I just hit a few from my friend's set. If I did switch, I'd be throwing in the RTs!
  3. IrishGolfer

    What did you build today?

    I've that problem all the time!
  4. IrishGolfer

    2023 Masters Banter Thread

    It's on my bucket list! Some day... Good luck 🤞
  5. IrishGolfer

    what did you shoot today?

    I've played in 3 competitions since my post-op return. I'm now on week 10 since THR. I think I've reached a plateau in terms of my recovery, it's now much slower in terms of incremental improvements. I've lost a bit of strength and club-head speed, but am hoping I'll regain that over time. But...
  6. IrishGolfer

    United Premier PC-01 blades - review

    https://takomogolf.com/iron-101/ I got to hit them and they look and feel great. The only issue is resale value, will probably take a big hit if they don't work out. Lots of these companies coming on the scene these days. Kinda like the golf ball market. Once Titleist patent on the ProV...
  7. IrishGolfer

    United Premier PC-01 blades - review

    One of the regulars in our group just bought a set of irons from a Finnish company called Takomo, he got the 101 blades. Stunning! Cheap! Worth a look.
  8. IrishGolfer

    United Premier PC-01 blades - review

    Thanks Limp for the heads up. Yes I had a set of these irons, or a previous model I think. Beautiful looking clubs, with graphite shafts. Felt great, only issue was I hit them too high. I play links golf and it is nearly always windy. So high flights hurt me. I gamed them for a few rounds but...
  9. IrishGolfer

    2023 Masters Banter Thread

    Wow, this is very cool! Any others?
  10. IrishGolfer

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Some story off another site... My father and I played yesterday mid day, we got matched up with these 2 guys ones dressed like a tour pro, ones in a white tee shirt and swim shorts.. so we step up to the first tee. Tiger woods slices his ball 100 yards into the tree, re tees same thing , so me...
  11. IrishGolfer

    Official: 2023 Masters Challenge

    The three red hots picks right now are Scheffler, McEIroy and Rahm. Outside that there are a few others. In terms of loyalty to my fellow Europeans, I'm going to go: McElroy Rahm Fleetwood Hatton
  12. IrishGolfer

    what did you shoot today?

    I got my first round in since my surgery, a tentative 10 holes around our (easier) Riverside course. It was a very mixed round, I had three birdies, mixed with two flat-out tops. Overall things felt good, I'm still limping a bit, but it's not impacting my swing too much. My swing speed is down a...
  13. IrishGolfer

    What did you buy today?

    Not playing at the moment, but before my hiatus I was testing the Cobra King LTDx driver. It was interesting. Maybe not as forgiving at the Sim2 but when you caught it right, it popped!!
  14. IrishGolfer

    Happy St. Paddy's Day

    Thanks Limp! I had x2 beers the entire day! I'm 5 weeks into recovery from surgery so taking things easy. I did hit some balls on Sunday for the first time, at about 75%. Hit about 30 balls, wedges and 6 irons. I was surprised at how well it went, but I'm being careful not to get overly...
  15. IrishGolfer

    New Ball Rules From The USGA and R&A

    I think this is a bit of a PR exercise to show that some thought has been put towards this. The simple fact is that the modern-day pro is now an athlete compared to his forefathers. Training, tracking and equipment (including the ball) has added 30-40 yards onto what was achievable 40 years ago...
  16. IrishGolfer

    What did you buy today?

    M I Z U N O J P X with X C A L I B E R shafts (you wont regret it!) just saying...
  17. IrishGolfer

    Callaway Paradym driver

    Yip, I'd like to try the Paradigm, but also seen some good things about the new Wilson driver, the carbon version. But I don't think there are any game changers this year. Just the marketing crap to tell you about the extra 30 yards you are guaranteed to get!
  18. IrishGolfer

    2023 General Discussions

    I'd prefer that LIV didn't exist, but the horse has left the stable, so it is what it is. Personally I don't think it is a viable model and it will run out of money. I'm happy to watch from the sidelines and see how it develops. There is no doubt that it will change the golf landscape moving...
  19. IrishGolfer

    What did you buy today?

    Have a look at the Mizuno JPX series, I'm impressed at the combo of forgiveness and aesthetics. I got them on a whim but have grown to love 'em.
  20. IrishGolfer

    2023 General Discussions

    I sort of get LIV. It was inevitable, it's been happening across lots of sports. It's being driven by money, social media and a desire to mix things up. If I'm GMAC or Lee Westwood, at the swansong of my career and someone offers me a bunch of money to play golf in a new league, I'm going to...