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  1. token_hottie

    Denver Bound

    Just a quick update for those of you who remember me from the good old days when I had a desk job and posted 20 times a day.... Had kiddo #2 in June (another boy) and am moving to Denver this month! Looking forward to being back out west closer to family & friends. th
  2. token_hottie

    Tiger Woods car crash?

    Just wanted to check in and see if the votes were in on this one. I personally think she beat his ass...
  3. token_hottie

    What ever happened to Token Hottie?

    You do realize they are famous for making bourbon here, right? :) I live in the "big city" of Louisville so they are more liberal about such things. I think if you go out into the boondocks of eastern Kentucky it is more like what you're thinking of.
  4. token_hottie

    What ever happened to Token Hottie?

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes guys! It's good to be back. I've found myself watching more and more golf on tv lately since it is one of few things I don't feel guilty watching with my son in the room. I miss having the freedom to hit the range/course whenever I wanted, yet I didn't...
  5. token_hottie

    What ever happened to Token Hottie?

    thanks bravo... I would kind of like to get back out to the driving range but I don't think anyone would appreciate a baby being out there all that much. I figure I should at least wait until his skull is strongenough to take an errant shot to the head anyhow, god forbid... Have settled in...
  6. token_hottie

    What ever happened to Token Hottie?

    My little cutie:
  7. token_hottie

    making a comeback

    Little boy. A real cutie pie! Born June 13. Healthy and happy, which is all you can ask for. :)
  8. token_hottie

    making a comeback

    Originally posted in thread "what ever happened to token_hottie"
  9. token_hottie

    What ever happened to Token Hottie?

    Wow, speak of the devil. After 9 months of not posting I get on here and the old gang is still talking about me. Makes a girl feel right at home :) The truth of the matter is I've been busy with a move to Kentucky, buying a house, 2 job changes, and somewhere along the way I got preggers and...
  10. token_hottie

    Steroids and Professional Golf

    There might be some logic to it though... think of it this way: if the hole was bigger, it would be much easier to make your shot, right? In the same sense, if your balls were smaller, you'd have a better chance at getting it in the hole, no? I'm just sayin...
  11. token_hottie

    DC retautant recommendations

    EXCELLENT sandwich shop - Potbelly Sandwiches: http://www.potbelly.com/searchresultsnew.asp?market=DC Fun pool hall/bar/hangout: Buffalo Billiards at Dupont Circle: http://www.buffalobilliards.com/dc/bbdclocation.html There are also a ton of good restaurants at Dupont Circle if you just...
  12. token_hottie

    This makes me wanna puke.

    [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] I think that's what people are referring to... (not to throw her under the bus or anything) :D
  13. token_hottie

    8000 posts....still no thong...

    Ummm.... if you haven't noticed, my even cooler alter-ego (smileyrose) has posted over 200 times and she isn't even a golfer! (Did I already mention that?) I figure once Sling sends me a thong for my high achievement (200 posts and not even a golfer) then I'll delete the account. Blimey...
  14. token_hottie

    Calling all avid Gun owners if there are any

    ok now I'm just waiting for this thread to get locked... I wonder what it's like in the famous ST bunker :) As far as the original question: my dad who's a police officer bought my mom a .45 for self-defense like a decade ago and she likes it. So far she's only shot 4 people, all of whom...
  15. token_hottie

    Calling all avid Gun owners if there are any

    good one Bravo :) Also, don't people know that global warming was started here and we will be the first ones to all die horrible deaths from it? just another reason for people to stop coming here.
  16. token_hottie

    I need 3 golfers to play....

    I would BUT.... I will be in Kentucky - sorry!
  17. token_hottie

    Calling all avid Gun owners if there are any

    I don't think anyone who is not a citizen of the U.S.A. should be criticizing the rights and freedoms afforded to us by our government. It is frankly not your concern to tell us which rights we should be allowed and which ones shouldn't because it's illegal in the "rest of the world", i.e...
  18. token_hottie

    This is not to start a political discussion

    I get the sense you didn't actually read it. To each his own.
  19. token_hottie

    This is not to start a political discussion

    I read this article yesterday and it explains the many reasons for the switch, the least of which are the comments made by Chavez. Basically, they can get gas from someone else for cheaper. End of story. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15030988/
  20. token_hottie

    Wow! Weird, the strangest thing anyone has ever asked me

    I think I saw an episode of "saved by the bell" with this exact same storyline. She probably said she thought you were cute and the boyfriend is "testing" her by telling you to come onto her at the movies to see if she will be faithful. If she doesn't accept your advances, she passes the test...