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  1. Adam Pettman

    Playing in the final group.

    So why does tiger often shoot lower on the fianl day in the final pairing compared to his thursday round??? Its all a conspiracy because he isnt michelle wie.
  2. Adam Pettman

    I have reached my final decision about Tiger Woods.

    I agree, I'll match that bet.
  3. Adam Pettman

    lady friendly? huh?

    Bigger boobs lower green fees???? (Thats ironic sexism please dont take it seriously)
  4. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    Thats funny because I thought I said Which is true.
  5. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    True or false are they charging you for a security update??? A one word answer will suffice. As I said I dont hate apple or indeed love windows, I'm just interested.
  6. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    Yep lots of known security issues are being sorted, in snow leopard.
  7. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    My snow leopard
  8. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    hehe a security update that they charge you for, that is funny. Dont get me wrong I dont dislike apple but os10 if full of holes and charging to plug those holes is worse than even microsoft.
  9. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    In fairness they are different, its what apple offer a different ui and user experience. They get the same result but they go about it in a different manner.
  10. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    Never owned a mac but I always thought there priorities were; looks, practicality, performance.
  11. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    Not yet but then again I havent downloaded my free copy yet, soon as I'm back at university. I'm sure I will be impressed.
  12. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    Security feature, it'll never get stolen. Cant hack what you cant see.
  13. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    Its official digital camo looks cool.
  14. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    I like the idea and respect anyone who decides to do something like that, but you finished it in absolutly the worst colour ever seen by man. You took a really cool idea and painted it green.
  15. Adam Pettman

    Windows 7

    NVM someones sprayed your computer up a wall. Is that your office for fun or work??
  16. Adam Pettman

    Fairway bunker rant

    Well what you could do, is not hit it in the bunker. If a guy has a good enough and sufficiently fast swing to hit it a long way, you wont be able to do much to stop them.
  17. Adam Pettman

    scored a hybrid, but....

  18. Adam Pettman

    FS: o2 Blackberry Bold

    Not at £200, thinking of getting the new one on a decent contract for £16 a month.
  19. Adam Pettman

    2 recent Hos

    Selling the back up club was a Brave move, hope this club contiues to do well for you.
  20. Adam Pettman

    Moon High Drives!

    Try hitting the ball with something that isnt a sponge. There is no way your making anything like centre contact with such a small ball speed compared to swing speed.