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  1. gpo

    Had my best round ever this morning

    I could not round up anyone to play with for this morning, so I booked at time with a twosome that already had a time. No big deal as I have played plenty of golf over the years with people I did not know. I chipped some to start the day. Probably about 40-50 chips. Hit a small bucket of...
  2. gpo

    909 D3

    Picked up my new 909 D3 8.5* stock voodoo stiff shaft today at lunch. Went right out to the range to give it a try. Everything seemed good with it. Got the 8.5 and voodoo to try to lower my ball flight. Seemed to be fine. I really won't know exactly how it goes until I hit the course...
  3. gpo

    Got one open slot for Sunday 5/23 tee time

    I have one open slot in my foursome for this Sunday 5/23. Tee time is 6:10AM. Second group off for the day. Course is in the SW burbs of Chicago. Prairie Bluff Public Golf Course Send me a PM if you want to play.
  4. gpo

    Thoughts on most important stat for scoring for a pro

    I have been trying to figure out what stat makes the most difference in scoring for a tour pro. I think there are 2. First is the number of times they hit their approach shot to 15 feet or less. Second is putting from 5 to 10 feet. I think whoever does both of those the best will have the...
  5. gpo

    Thoughts on the BMW

    I was lucky enough in early June to get to play Cog Hill #4(Dubsdred) where the PGA is playing this week. Let me tell you it is no easy course. I don't believe anyone will reach number 9 in two this week. Cink was close, but there are so many trees on that hole that you have to hit a...
  6. gpo

    Playing this Afternoon with the Boss

    Going out in about 30 minutes with the boss to play on my home course. Hopefully the course isn't too full and we can get 18 in. One thing I don't have to worry about is sandbagging so I don't beat the boss as he is a +1 or +2. Of course we have to play from the tips. I play those about...
  7. gpo

    What do you think?

    Let's take two golfers. Bill & Ted. Bill and Ted are both decent golfers with Handicaps in the 11-16 range. They have a general understaning of the golf swing. The know inside/out goes one way and outside/in goes a different way. They have both been playing for say 6 to 9 years. They...
  8. gpo

    My Theory on Golf

    If I let any one of you hit the same shot 50 times the outcome would be there would be a circle of balls around your target. It could be any shot in golf. To me the key to getting better in golf is reducing the size of the circle as much as possible. Also keeping the crazy outlier shots to...
  9. gpo

    Are you ever really content w/ a round?

    Played this morning before work. Lovely morning no wind. The workers cut every green before I got to them. Even a few of the fairways were cut. Played well. Shot 3 over 75, but I felt like I left 3 to 4 shots out on the course. Hit 10 greens and had 31 putts. 2 birdies. One 3 putt...
  10. gpo

    Golf Clubs are like a Fine Woman

    Once you find one that works for you don't switch. Sure you might have put a few miles on your current one, but jumping ship for that new young thing will cost you more and end up being annoying in the long run.
  11. gpo

    Made the most of 8 GIRs

    Somewhat crazy up and down round yesterday. Play my home course but from the tips. I usually play the blues at like 6540, but was paired up with a young kid who played from the tips at 6925. We also played with 2 older gentlemen that played from the whites. I play the tips about 15% of the...
  12. gpo

    Which Club

    OK, I think we may have discussed which club could you live without the least. I would agree basically all clubs are important to have in the bag. Here is my question. Which club would you not let me take from your bag even though I would give you a replacement club as a substitute? Meaning...
  13. gpo

    First serious round

    Well, I had my first serious round of the year on Saturday. They put out all the tees and I played with 3 other guys. Previous was me by myself hitting lots of shots because course was empty. It was a decent round overall. I had the yanks a bit with the new to me driver. Hit 7 of 14...
  14. gpo

    Diminishing Returns from Practice

    All of us are at different stages of our golf evolution. When we have discussions about what areas of the game is more important I think we frame in terms of our own game. Each of us are different therefore we do different things better than others. I 100% agree that the short game is...
  15. gpo

    What area to improve upon

    What part of the golf game if you improved in would lower your score the most? Here are your choices Putting 0-10 Feet Putting 10-20 Feet Putting 20+ Feet Chipping under 25 yards(Including Sand) Shots from 25-100 Shots from 100-150 Shots from 150-200 Shots from 200+ Driving Distance Driving...
  16. gpo

    Bay hill

    Please don't take this as bragging. About 17 months ago I got to play Bay Hill 3 times in 3 days. My company was having a conference there. We actually stayed at the resort. Anyway this is probably the coolest tournament for me to watch on TV as I know all the holes pretty well. It is...
  17. gpo

    2 clubs in one day

    I got two clubs today in the mail. First up is a 905T 9.5* with a Aldila NVS shaft stiff 65 grams. I got it off someone for $35 shipping included. Club appears to be in great shape. Second up is a Nike Tour Slingshot hybrid 24* to match my 21*. Got it new with the plastic still on the club...
  18. gpo

    Is this bad?

    My wife had gall bladder surgery on 3/6. She was doing real well until yesterday afternoon. Took her to the hospital and she had to stay the night. I got the kids off to school this morning. I was planning on going to the hospital after dropping my youngest off at preschool. My wife called...
  19. gpo


    Does anyone think we might see some AK hats like TW hats in the future? AK for Anthony Kim.
  20. gpo

    Saw the other half.......It is nice

    Last week I mentioned that I was going to go see how the other half lives and play at a country club with my boss, our banker and the member of the exclusive club. Well, the other half lives pretty nice when it comes to golf. We ended up playing Bob O'link up in Highland Park, IL. When I...