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  1. hypergolf

    GEL putter

    I am looking for a putter that gives better forward roll with grooves in them. I know there are YES!, Taylormade AGSI+, and Rife putters. Just wanted to know if anyone tried the Gel putters and how they roll the ball on the green. Thanks.
  2. hypergolf

    Ping i10 or S58 with Tour Concept

    Anyone tried these iron head and shaft combo? Could you please give a short review? Thank you.
  3. hypergolf

    Going to 13 clubs limit...

    This is a follow up post to the 15 clubs limit post. Some people mentioned that USGA is not interested in making the game easier. If so do you think they will bring down the current 14 clubs limit to 13? Again this is fictional so please don't take it too seriously. If so, which club would you...
  4. hypergolf

    Going to 15 clubs limit...

    Now that companies have mostly maxed out on the technology part in the clubs, the next best way to sell more clubs is to bring the current 14 club limit up to 15... This is just a fictional scenario so don't get too worked over it, but do you think the USGA will consider this to ever happen? If...
  5. hypergolf

    Your height, your putter length and lie angle

    Hi just wanted to post this out of curiousity. How tall are you? And what is your putter length and lie angle? I am 5'9" and use 33.5" putter with 70* lie angle.
  6. hypergolf

    Ping Putters

    What is the exact lie angle for standard (black dot) Ping Anser or Ping Piper putters?
  7. hypergolf

    Difference between these two...

    What is the functional difference between a single bend putter shaft and a plumbing putter shaft? For example: 1. Red X3 (1/4 shaft offset) vs Red X5 (Full Shaft offset). 2. Ping i-Series Anser 4 (1/4 shaft offset) vs Ping i-Series Anser (Full Shaft offset). From what I heard, 1/4 shaft...
  8. hypergolf

    Ralph Maltby's Playability Factor Question

    There are a few things I would like to ask the STers regarding MPF. It says r7 TP iron is under game improvement with MPF of 552... Where as r7 Draw iron under Conventional with MPF of 418... Is there a typo or does this mean the manufactures are falsely advertising more difficult clubs as...
  9. hypergolf

    Face balanced mallet putter recommendation.

    Hi guys. I am planning to buy a face balanced mallet putter to replace my SC Newport 2. I tried out Ping Redwood Piper and liked it a lot. Before I pull the trigger, I wanted to see if you could recommend any other face balanced mallet putters. Also, it would be great if the owners of Ping...
  10. hypergolf

    I have converted!!!

    Got rid of my Titleist woods and converted to Ping G10. Now I see what the buzz was about with the G10 woods... Now, can anyone recommend good choices of shafts that I can fit these new babies with? Driver: 70 - 76 gram range. Fairway woods: 80 - 83 gram range. Thanks.
  11. hypergolf

    Is Taylormade still #1 in wood category in PGA?

    Just wondering if Taylormade is still #1 in terms of most woods used in PGA tour. According to Titleist website (http://www.titleist.com/leaderboard/...ent_counts.asp) they clearly state what their position is on tour. I was hoping to find similar information for Taylormade and Callaway as...
  12. hypergolf

    Vokey Spin Milled Swing Weight Issue

    I went to a golfsmith to get some regripping done for my wedges today. Before regripping I checked the swing weight on my 58* Vokey SM wedge and it turned out to be only D2.5. Titleist website states that it should be D5. Has anyone checked their swing weight on their Vokey SM before? Also...
  13. hypergolf

    Using 5 wood, 2 hybrid or 2 iron.

    I heard from one of the players saying that going with either 5 wood, 2 hybrid or even a 2 iron is personal choice and does not have much to do with performance. Do you use a 5 wood or 2 hybrid (2 iron) and why did you go with your choice? I see most pros going with 5 wood but rarely do I see...
  14. hypergolf

    Taylormade Burner TP Fairway vs Titleist 906F4

    Taylormade Burner TP Fairway vs Titleist 906F4 vs Ping G10 I am going to replace my 906F2 with either of these two fairwaywoods. Please let me know your thoughts. Advantages, disadvantages, etc etc. Thanks. (Please do not write things like you gotta try for yourself blah blah because that is...
  15. hypergolf

    VS Proto 80 Fairway & Proforce V2 75 Fairway

    I am thinking of replacing my current 906F2 15* with 906F4 13.5*. Aldila VS Proto 80 Fairway is 83g and V2 75 Fairway is 81g so the weight is pretty equal. I just wanted to hear how these shafts play on the 906F4 head. Any input will be appreciated. My SS for fairway is 103-108 and will...
  16. hypergolf

    Ping G10 series: Woods

    I checked out a few different sites regarding Ping G10 series driver, fairway and hybrid and they all stated that the face is square. However, I have been to a few different Ping demo days and found all of them to be close faced... Could someone who owns the G10 series wood verify if G10 is...
  17. hypergolf

    Shaft weight question

    I currently match my driver and 3 wood with 76g-78g range shaft and hybrid with 85g shaft. I know some people have ascending weight structure: driver being the lightest shaft, then slightly heavier for fairway, then hybrid almost matching the iron shaft weight. I know some people have all...
  18. hypergolf

    Con-man of the decade, Scotty Cameron

    Scotty Cameron, the con-man, referred me to his writing on his website when i wanted a 350g Studio Style head on a 34" putter shaft. "Through our Studio findings we have determined the optimal relationship between shaft length, head weight and shaft flex. So, if you shorten your putter you...
  19. hypergolf

    SC Studio Select vs SC Studio Style

    SC Studio Select vs SC Studio Style. Which do you prefer and why?
  20. hypergolf

    Standard lie and loft of Ping putters...

    What is the standard (Black Dot) lie angle and loft of Ping putter? I couldn't find it on their website. And does red dot meand 0.75* less than black dot putter lie angle? Thanks.