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  1. paddy10189

    Smoothest Premium Shaft

    lol I was bidding on ebay for a grafalloy blue from them and total ended up being about 30 bones. For a while I though I was gunna snag it for around 20 but someone upped it a little at the end. So I have a grafalloy blue on the way to my house
  2. paddy10189

    How many rounds per month?

    I worked from 8-12 at a golf course this summer so you can probably figure out what I was doing from about 12-2 everyday. Probably around 3 rounds a week and then a different course every sunday to mix it up.
  3. paddy10189

    Quick question regarding shaft length.

    pssshh only 280+ im talking 320+ I kid but I was just figuring that about 1 1/2 inches are in the bore through so it would play to about 44 1/2 which I would like because it will give me a bit more control which will then make up for the shorter shaft.
  4. paddy10189

    Quick question regarding shaft length.

    arite thanks so i would need a 46" shaft to play at 44 1/2 then
  5. paddy10189

    Quick question regarding shaft length.

    Arite I am in the process of looking for a new shaft for my driver which is a callaway x460 and is a bore through Since it is a bore through if I get a shaft that is say 44 1/2 inches will it then play at 44 1/2 or 45 or would it play shorter? Also if it does play shorter how would this affect...
  6. paddy10189

    Salt Vampire Golf Trip Photos

    where is the course like is up in northern michigan or more down south. It looks like a really fun course
  7. paddy10189

    how fast should u improve

    I started playing seriously last year after just going out and hacking around once a month and I am in the mid-80's which is good and I can definitely tell I am improving. I have had some kinda make shift lessons with the schools golf coach but all his suggestions were kinda radical so I have...
  8. paddy10189

    Finally! Cobra S9s with pictures!

    can you get a picture looking down on top of the club with the club sitting square? if you can thats awesome
  9. paddy10189

    Titelist irons for a beginner?

    I personally think if you are not a lower handicap who has the ability to work the ball (not just draws or fades but the trajectory and ball and ball flight) then you should look for the most forgiving club you can get while still being comfortable over the top of it. I made the mistake of...
  10. paddy10189

    Shot 114 Today

    Thats crazy. whatta small world
  11. paddy10189

    Shot 114 Today

    Will do. I am not sure if I will be in Albuquerque or the Ruidosa area though. Do you play the Arroyo course at all? My uncle lives about a block away from there
  12. paddy10189

    Shot 114 Today

    When I was in Albuquerque in late February Paa-Ko looked amazing. I am Coming out in December but it is probably going to be closed
  13. paddy10189


    I think that this is why I play better when I am tired and it is early in the morning. I am not thinking about the tee shot I am thinking about being in bed so I am relaxed
  14. paddy10189

    Paper Tiger Bloody brilliant!

    I loved how the book showed how good you have to be to play at that level even with all the practice in the world he still wasnt...spoiler
  15. paddy10189

    Pix from my beach trip

    those greens were horrible, not only were they small they looked like they had the worst mow job ever there was uneven grass and bumbs everywhere
  16. paddy10189

    Pix from my beach trip

    When I played Emerald bayy a couple weeks ago it was horrible but it "only" cost 65 i think because of our condo discount so it wasn't to terribly bad
  17. paddy10189

    Destin, FL beach trip

    two weeks or so ago I was in Destin for about a week. Played at seascape and emerald bay. Both of which we got discounts from staying at our condo. I saw your post about Mcguires my dad ddi the same thing with the bathroom. Where did you stay there?
  18. paddy10189

    Todays round

    I like the combo's they have a good feel to them.
  19. paddy10189

    Hybrid questions

    I hit my 3h with 20* loft about 215 ish so I really dont know what it replaces because my 3i is usually a duff lol
  20. paddy10189

    putter & 3 wood advice

    do you guys have any experience with the sasquatch 3 wood...im going to try and demo some clubs tommoorw so any suggestions would be appreiciated