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  1. JArmour

    Byron Morgan DH 89 Oil Can

    This putter is immaculate just got it from Byron used it for one session on the green. A few more indoor on the boomerang system and it's just not for me. Rincon neck, 350g 34", white mid-size iomic with two extra wraps-still in plastic. Oil on left bumper Piers on right bumper and a...
  2. JArmour

    Taylormade TP 4 Hybrid

    Has a Graff comp nt reg flex shaft. With headcover $65 shipped. I'll post pics tomorrow.
  3. JArmour

    All you weapons and ammo guys

    What would all this reloading stuff be worth? I don't mess with it and it's just taking up space. This is my wife's fathers stuff and we're looking to get rid of it. There is also a TON of ammo.
  4. JArmour

    Finally got into the 70's

    So on the advice of PA Jayhawk, I tried a new course up in his neck of the woods. A buddy and I played Pocono Manor East Course on Saturday and I shot a career best 78. I'm a 14.9 handicap (I don't like saying 15 and I don't think I'm at 14 yet) down from last years mark of a 23. Everything I...
  5. JArmour

    Softspikes Black Widow Tour

    So as with anything in golf with the word "Tour" associated in it I had to try these out. They look great and the self adjusting traction seemed to be legit after the first two rounds. I set up the spikes in the "backswing support foundation" that they included in an insert with the cleats...
  6. JArmour

    So going back to Myrtle.....

    In the airport I checked my email and barefoot sent me (and apparently a lot of other people) an email that you can stay with them for four nights and you tell them how much you want to pay. Seeing how I wanted to go back I talked the wifey into going back just us two. Now for the part I...
  7. JArmour

    Anyone play Williamsburg National courses?

    I'll be there in August for a few rounds.
  8. JArmour

    Shafts, Demo irons, Ping B60 and accessories

    Shafts, Demo irons, Ping B60 and accessories-GRIPS ADDED Okay this is a lot to list but here we go. 1) Ogio Edge Stand bag used for two years. The waterproof zipper is broke as is the Torque strap that holds the bag to the cart tightly. Other than that it's a great bag. There is...
  9. JArmour

    New bag pictures

    Just got this bag in today after looking for a suitable carry bag for a while now. I'd say I got the perfect bag for me. :prop: Oh yeah no comments about the weeds in the "garden." I don't have time for that non-sense during golf season.
  10. JArmour

    New Byron Putter

    Here is my new baby! I've been trying to save up to order one but someone sold me this bad boy for over half what a new one costs. As Clug can attest I have a sickness when it comes to putters. I could have sat at the practice green all day at the Open.
  11. JArmour

    US Women's Open

    I'll post a few pictures of the equipment and a couple course shots. Also does anyone know who the guy in the long sleeve polo is? He looks familiar, he was with Kerr.
  12. JArmour

    For Claire

    I'm pretty sure somewhere I read that you're a Helen Alfredson fan.
  13. JArmour

    For WBL and all other Ping guys

    Don't know if you've seen this or not but it's pretty awesome looking in person. I had to snap the picture quickly as the caddie was nice enough to show it to me. The face is all black like the Superquad as well. Very nice looking driver. Now something you won't want to hear. He said...
  14. JArmour

    Anyone going to be in Myrtle Thur-Sun

    Playing Caledonia, True Blue and Pawley's.
  15. JArmour

    Scotty Covers, Bettinardi Cover and a couple shafts

    KBS Irons shafts are not for sale. All prices are shipped in the CONUS, 2-3 USPS. Scotty Covers: 1) 08 Hula $105 NOOB 2) Custom Shop Orange $120 NOOB- 3) Pro Platinum Circle T $35 Beat up pretty badly Bettinardi Cover: 1) Black 2009 Tour Stock $65 Shafts: 1) Proforce AXIV Core Black...
  16. JArmour

    Callaway TT2 Blue back from LaMont

    Before and after pictures. I asked for whatever he thought would look good and it certainly does. The finish and paint fill are perfect, now just have to find the diameter size for the shaft and I'm set. Thanks again LaMont. After
  17. JArmour

    Anyone heading to the Open on Friday the 19th?

    This will be my first PGA tournament of any kind. Looking for any advice, I'm heading up with a bunch of guys I play with.
  18. JArmour

    R9 with Oban Devotion From Ken at Vicotry Custom Golf

    I have been playing a TM 425 with a Blue Board 65 stiff flex for around 5 months. I’ve been hitting a lot of fairways and getting pretty good distance, averaging 265 I would say. I ended up with an R9 9.5 with the stock motre shaft in stiff. I knew from a previous range session with a demo...
  19. JArmour

    Hosel Sizes

    Looking for hosel sizes for the 09 Spin Mill wedges and the Taylormade Z-groove wedges. Thanks.
  20. JArmour

    Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue Axis 60s

    New never installed, only tip prepped. 46"/1.5" prep area. I marked the most prevalent NBP. $70 shipped. $91 from golfsmith.