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  1. h3king

    My golf swing

    Video of my swing, the footage is bad it was taken on a cam phone. Also i was using the drving range driver. I put it out there i say at least 240 most likely more. YouTube - golf swing 2 If u see anything wrong tell me. I know it a crappy vid but can someone review my vid.
  2. h3king

    The putting Thread.

    Ok guys I would like to hear what you have to say about putting any tips, way to read greens, everthing. I heard that if there are mountains or water the slope of the green will natural slope in that direction some, even if the green is sloping in another direction also goes for water as well...
  3. h3king

    Ok guys should I pull the trigger and buy this Driver?

    Should I go and buy this or wait to see if If i could find it cheaper? BRAND NEW CALLAWAY FT-5 9* DRAW DRIVER W/ COVER - eBay (item 150234257516 end time Apr-14-08 12:24:19 PDT)
  4. h3king

    Looking for a used callaway ft-5 draw boas 9.5 or 9*

    What other sites other then ebay and golbal golf could I find this at I can't seem to get it at the price I want around. Gobal golf never seems to have them anymore.
  5. h3king

    What do you guys think of my oldschool golf hat?

    My mom got me this I think its sweet. If someone can tell me how to resize it, all do that.
  6. h3king

    Getting fitted for clubs?

    Well, before a get a new set of irons or driver I wanted to get fitted for clubs. But i'm not sure how to go about it. So I have a few questions which hopefully you guys can answer. First off I was wondering the average price of a fitting. Next is do you have to bring your clubs? Next is when...
  7. h3king

    Building your own putting green.

    Well last summer I wanted my own putting green in my backyard. So I researched and tried to get everything together. I want on this one forum, where the person said if you just fill out this form you can get free grass seed. So I went on and did that, after about a week they called my house and...
  8. h3king

    Planning a golf Vacation.

    Ok so a couples buddies and I want to go on a golf vacation this summer. We want to head down to South Carolina. But of course since were all like 20 and strapped for cash we don't have tons of money. Anyone know of some good priced courses or packages. Also if anyone has a site to look for some...
  9. h3king

    How much money do you spend on golf?

    OK well, this should be fun :laugh:. How much do you spend on golf per year. I would also like to know how much you spent on you clubs, clothes and other golf items. I myself have a cheap full set of rams, which cost 250 dollars. But in a few weeks i'm going to be ho'ing some new clubs. And I...
  10. h3king

    Building your own set of clubs?

    Well this year i want to get really into golf. I want to start my handicap and going to practice a lot more. But at this time I pretty much have a stock set of Rams and a old school big bertha. What do u think the first piece of eq I should get? I was thinking driver(callaway ft-5 stiff 9* draw...
  11. h3king

    How far do you hit your wedges?

    How far do you hit you pw, sw, 52* 60*. Just curious