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  1. 295yards

    Quick update

    I feel like a light bulb went off in my head! I've posted recently that my swing has been gradually deteriorating over the last couple months ( maybe longer ?) I'm an internal thinker and when my swing went off I just started playing with my swing and change after change has compounded my...
  2. 295yards

    Swing advice, really?

    I'm not complaining as I apprciate what some people are trying to do, and that is mostly help. Admittedly, I am stubborn and do not particularily think random advice should be thrown around. My scenario is that my ballstriking has suffered immensely as of late. I mean terrible! Until...
  3. 295yards

    Good one!

    It is near the Christmas break of the school year. The students have turned in all their work and there is really nothing more to do. All the children are restless and the teacher decides to have an early dismissal. Teacher: "Whoever answers the questions I ask, first and correctly can leave...
  4. 295yards

    Not sure what is happening

    Well, I'm not sure what is happening to my game but it is completely going to sh@t. Litterally!!! I know my expectation levels are far too high for my skill level, but this time around I have no idea what is happening to my game right now. Typically on a bad round I can hit too many errant...
  5. 295yards

    Sex on Mars!

    Hopefully in good taste to those aware of what has happened in the past, I have to share this with everyone here as it came across as hilarious to me... Sex on Mars ! The year is 2222 and Mike and Maureen land on Mars after accumulating enough Frequent Flier miles. They meet a Martian...
  6. 295yards

    My apologies

    Apparently a post was made on my behalf which contained some sort of pornographic material. I am apologizing if it was offensive to anyone. I am totally responsible for this happening. I had on a common computer at work an automatic log in which I never thought would ever cause any problem...
  7. 295yards

    Is this even possible?

    Totally inappropriate. Send me a PM telling me why I shouldn't suspend you.
  8. 295yards

    Indoor winter league starting.

    So I have have a monthly membership at an indoor facility. I hit 98% of my range shots here all summer and that alone saves me $$$. ...
  9. 295yards

    Building a fence this weekend!

    I love tools!!! I got my new framing nailer and was wondering if anyone was busy this weekend to help build a fence? I need someone to hold boards for me. Anyone?
  10. 295yards


    YouTube - Pitbull - Hotel Room Service - HD 720p
  11. 295yards

    Year end review!

    Pw, 9i, 8i, 7i, 6i I just thought it was cool that all the irons actually go the same height. 105 ft. total in height no matter what iron I hit. Maybe this is thwe way to measure ball flight, not launch angle?
  12. 295yards

    Golfing gods???

    We all know by now that there is such thing as "golfing gods" but I think I am quickly realising that the golfing gods are much like politicians. They do not have our best interests at heart. It's one big monopoly where the all mighty dollar rules all. Seriously! I think the golf equipment...
  13. 295yards

    Speed of play!

    Not sure how to describe it but these guys behind us were ridulously fast this morning it was actually irritating! Not sure I should even try this as an excuse but it actually messed my game up. My brother and I had the first tee time and a power cart and could not shake these two people walking...
  14. 295yards

    Higher lofted TEE

    I am currently playing the TEE 9*, would like to pick up a 10.5 or even a 12*. Similar clubs like this I'd consider. TM R7... If not here any suggestions?
  15. 295yards

    Shot a 5 under yesterday

    I am not anywhere near this level and do not expect to return at all ever.I never believed i'd ever break a par round and honestly don't think i ever will again, I just went out and played fantastically solid. It was kind of hilarious actually. I could not hit anything on the range, I mean...
  16. 295yards

    Launch and spin

    Just some interesting numbers out there to put into perspective carry distances and related launch conditions that tour players generate. :deadhorse: http://dps.twiihosting.net/pga/doc/content/doc_528_827.pdf
  17. 295yards

    Can you fit a .350 tip shaft into a .335 head?

    Probably not, right? I bought a new shaft that has a .350 tip shaft without thinking, and I think the head on my shaft is .335. :wow: Anybody know what the tip diameter is on the Tour Edge Exotics driver a couple year old?
  18. 295yards

    Golf game suggestions

    I'm getting out for a round with my wife and an old friend and his wife. He is not that good but she can barely hit the ball at all. Last time we went out she enjoyed herself, but at times I think she is succeptable to the frustrations and you can see she gets embarassed. When we talked about...
  19. 295yards

    Check this out!!!

    Golf Girl's Diary: The Sexy Golf Girl and The Impressive Trick Shot
  20. 295yards

    Callaway Diablow?

    I hit this club when I visited a local golf store. I only hit on a golf store LM, but even the good hits felt like junk. Overall the performance, for my swing profile was horrible but even when I had a long straight shot it felt like a mishit. Anyone else have this feeling of this club? It...