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  1. Bignose

    Reading Greens

    On 10-20 footers or longer, you just have to accept that the chances of making those putts is very small no matter what. The margin of error on a 10 foot putt is just a smidgen over one half of a degree. That is, if the putt is more than one half a degree offline, the ball will not fall. And...
  2. Bignose

    Scoregolf wedges

    That was the company that was known as Eidolon. Eidolon did make some very good wedges, too, but you probably need to search on that old name to find a lot of the older reviews. I think that their ideas are good ones, but ultimately, you can't buy a short game. Most of us mere mortals have to...
  3. Bignose

    D Wedge?

    Pretty sure the 'd' was was for 'dual', which meant that it could be used a sand wedge & something else. What that 'something else' is, I don't recall. From what else is in this thread, 54* would be dual sand and gap wedge. Or 58-60* could be dual sand and lob wedge. Really, there was and is...
  4. Bignose

    New Wishon golf product is now on our website

    Interesting that they switched courses a little. The 550M&C sets and the 555M&C sets let you choose where the break from cavity back to muscles back occurred. This set has the break at the 8 and the 7 iron. I imagine that was probably the most popular way the 550 and 555s were sold, but it...
  5. Bignose

    Putting grip

    This makes it awfully hard. Have you tried a longer putter to not have to bend over as much? Or, dare I ask, a belly or broomstick style putter? It may be just as simple as bending at the waist at the same angle as your iron swings.
  6. Bignose

    Putting grip

    ag, I am another left-hand low guy. Just did it from day one without any conscious thought. Ultimately, putting is first and foremost about accuracy, both in speed and line. Because it is not about simply maximizing head speed like in full driver or iron shots, you really can embrace a...
  7. Bignose

    They just don't "get it"...

    perfect. absolutely perfect.
  8. Bignose

    Ireland's Most Politically Incorrect Band - The Rubberbandits

    Pretty humorous -- with how many people do stupid things on the Internet, I think it is funny that they bother to wear those masks.
  9. Bignose

    Review: Tourswing Infringer + nVentix Nunchuck

    Augster, I can completely believe that it is not for everybody. One of the best players in my weekly group really hated the feel, too. I wondered about the one-flex-fits-all, too, and it actually was a big reason I hesitated most of the summer before pulling the trigger. But, in the end, it...
  10. Bignose

    Review: Tourswing Infringer + nVentix Nunchuck

    I promised Rory that I'd put up a review of the new driver I've bought from him recently. I will admit upfront that I don't buy too many golf clubs -- I tend to stick to a club for a long time for consistency's sake. I haven't bought a new set of irons for quite a while. (I know, downright...
  11. Bignose

    Wished I was young again

    I played with a guy who hit shots like that in league this summer. Any green within about 330 yards was potentially drivable for him given the wind and how straight he was hitting them that day. To quote the cliche 'he played a game with which I was unfamiliar.' Literally makes it look...
  12. Bignose

    its a frustrating game

    A pull = face is closed at impact. A hook means that the approach is inside-out. Since the driver and woods are longer, they need to be swung a little farther back, a little flatter. I wonder if you are swinging your irons on the same plane as the woods. I wonder if a little more upright of...
  13. Bignose

    JD Classic, Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

    Well, I'm sure I can't take ALL the credit, but it is pretty awesome that Briny ended up in 9th and Aron ended up in 12th. I don't know exactly what players visited the other factories in the Quad Cities, but I am pretty sure that the facility I worked at 'won'.
  14. Bignose

    JD Classic, Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

    It was a pretty good time, the guys seemed pretty genuine in answering questions. I did ask about the practice scehdule, and both said that on non-tournament weeks, they take Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off. Thursday they hit the range, and work on whatever their coach/trainer/caddy...
  15. Bignose

    JD Classic, Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

    I found out today who is coming to the lunch I am going to: Briny Baird and Aron Price
  16. Bignose

    JD Classic, Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

    So, as an employee of John Deere, Tour players are going to be joining us at lunch at the various facilities here in the Quad Cities this Wednesday. I have no idea who is going to show up at the facility I work at, though I am sure it isn't going to be any of the really big names -- if only...
  17. Bignose

    The Byron Nelson

    There was also a strong tournament going on over in Europe (BMW PGA Championship), so not many of the top Euro players were tempted to come over. But yes, since Nelson's passing, this tournament has almost become an almost-ran, and it doesn't help that Nicklaus' Memorial is next week. If you...
  18. Bignose

    An Interesting Argument

    I found the firearm related homicide rates -- most of these are several years old as they aren't reported every year: U.S.: 7.07 in 1994 U.K.: 0.07 in 1998 Greece: 0.59 in 1994 Japan: 0.02 in 1994 Germany 0.22 in 1994 I couldn't find them all in the same year, but I think it is fair to say...
  19. Bignose

    An Interesting Argument

    To me, a powerful flip side argument is that it is undeniable that countries where gun ownership is allowed do have higher homicide rates than those where gun ownership is restircted to hunting clubs or similar. Just some numbers: UK had a homicide rate of 1.28 (per 100,000 people) in 2009...
  20. Bignose

    What is up?

    Google redirection smacks of a virus infection. And some of these can be some pretty nasty rootkit infections. Start running Malware Bytes, Super Antispyware, Spybot Search and Destroy and most any others that you have. In safe mode if possible. If it is a rootkit, you may have to get to...