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    Anyone used Teetimesusa.com?

    I'm headed to the Orlando area and was planning to play some golf. I saw that I could book "Orange County National" at a discount of about 40% through this site. I've not seen that rate nor heard of the site before and am wondering if anyone has used it or if it's some form of scam. Your...
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    First round of 2011

    I'm headed out in a few minutes for my first round of the year... Trying to set some low expectations, but excited to hit my new irons!
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    Another Driver Question

    So I thought I would post here as I'm looking for advice on what to try. My driver is now getting well up there in age and I'm thinking of getting a new one (Tit 905R). I've always liked it reasonably forgiving great distance on good swings. My biggest complaint has always been that I hit it...
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    Burner 2009 vs Burner Plus vs every other burner

    Ok I admit it, I'm confused trying to tell all the new burner irons apart. Can someone tell me what the difference between the regular burner 2009 and the burner plus is? There site wont show any comparisons and that pissed me off. I'm about ready to give up on my MP-57's and pick up...
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    What to do w/ a new set of Big Bertha Irons?

    I became the owner of a NIB set of Big Bertha Irons and I'm not sure what to do with them. My confusion comes as I bought a great set of MP57's last season & was hitting them very well. Then I developed the shanks and have had a bitch of a time curing them. I hit them well for a round or two...
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    Lessons, the best investment.

    Well I think I finally got a worthwhile golf lesson and DAMN I wish I'd done it a long time ago. We basically spent an hour tearing down my take away to the very very basic again and shockingly when I get back on plane I don't come hugely over the top w/ an open face and shank the crap outta...
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    Lessons in Milwaukee area.

    So I'm thinking of starting this year out better than years past and getting myself some lessons to improve my game. I keep getting really mixed reviews about golftec, and I haven't been in love with any of the 1 on 1 lessons I've found locally. I'm looking for someone who will help me w/ out...
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    Great Weekend, maybe the sh*nks are gone now.

    So I posted a few weeks back outing myself with a case of the shanks. It appears I've gotten my swing back into alignment and played some fantastic golf lately. On the 4th I managed to threaten par for a side for the first time in a long time. 8pars & 1 triple for a 39out. The way back...
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    Hello There

    I guess I should have started here as I've been posting in a bunch of forums... Stumbled upon this one day when looking for some club information on line. There seems to be a lot of people from SE Wi on here from, what I've scene.. I'm from a NW Milwaukee Suburb... If you need a golf partner I...
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    Anyone played with schwetty balls

    Just curious... saw a link today wondered if they were anything more than a gimmick.. Link: Schwetty Balls | The Hottest Balls In Golf
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    Shaft Comparison

    In checking out the Taylor Made irons I have the chance to get a great deal on the Project X shafts... how does say a project x 6.0 compare to the std iron shaft in stiff flex? Don't know that I'll have the opportunity to hit them side by side. :hunter:
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    New Irons

    Well I finally pulled my head outta my ass last night and my reward is some new custom fit irons this Saterday. I'm looking for further recommendations to check out if anyone has any. I currently really like the Cleveland CG Gold & The Titliest AP1's. I should be a high teens hdcp if my...
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    Outting Myself

    Ok I need to deal with this emotionally so the first step is going to be to out myself.. Hi my name is Chuck & I have a terrible case of the shanks... I was a 14 handicap last season.. this year I would be max... I went from consistant 80's to shooting low 60's on 9. I am killing the ball off...
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    Need a new Cary Bag !help!

    I need a new Bag as mine is old and starting to get pretty beat up. I really like the 14 full length dividers offered by the Nike Sasquatch Tour Carry Bag. I was thinking of picking it up, but thought I'd throw out the question to see if anyone has a better recommendation or better yet the...