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  1. dknisle1

    Playing golf in the Winter

    Love winter golf. I can play 100$ courses for 20$
  2. dknisle1

    Where did you play today?

    Nothing like facing that bunker shot when you're not 100% confident in your bunker game. Lol
  3. dknisle1

    what did you shoot today?

    41/44 at Ocean Pines in Berlin MD. Great course.
  4. dknisle1

    Whats your carry gun?

    Picked up a Blue Label Glock 19. 425$ out the door with 3 mags
  5. dknisle1

    2016 TOUR Championship

    That was one of the best finishes I've seen in a while. I bet DJ is pissed
  6. dknisle1

    Renditions Golf Course

    I've heard that it looks pretty banged up right now. It's about an hour and a half from me so I'm getting the same feeling that it's not worth going to
  7. dknisle1

    Renditions Golf Course

    Has anyone played there? It's the one up near D.C with every hole designed to mirror a famous hole. Thoughts?
  8. dknisle1

    What did you buy today?

    Man. The G30 is calling my name. I've been wanting one since it came out. I hit it way better than the new G series
  9. dknisle1

    what did you shoot today?

    42/43 couldn't strike the ball at all today. Was just nice to get out in this decent weather.
  10. dknisle1

    Someone trying to grow the Game....

    A couple years back when I was a member at one of the local courses, it came out to about 180$ a month
  11. dknisle1

    Someone trying to grow the Game....

    I wish there were courses around here with those low membership fees.
  12. dknisle1

    Where did you play today?

    Played a little 4 person scramble tournament at the Dover Air Force base in DE. Took third at -9. Played like garbage since I haven't touched a club in a little over a month. Nice day out tho.
  13. dknisle1

    Where did you play today?

    So does DE. Lol
  14. dknisle1

    what did you shoot today?

    "Feels like" temp up to 117 today. I might be out of golf for a week or two. Lol
  15. dknisle1

    Stenson and his 3 wood

    Just get the Bertha Mini Driver. Problem solved.
  16. dknisle1

    what did you shoot today?

    I shot a 110. Oh nevermind. That was the "feels like" temp. I stayed inside.
  17. dknisle1

    How many rounds per year?

    Once a week
  18. dknisle1

    preferred playing partner age

    Age isn't too much of a factor just don't slow me down. Lol. My buddy and I can play 18 in about 2.5-3 hours with no group holding us up. I'm even ok with 3.5-4 hours. Just don't go too far beyond. I recently got paired up with a threesome and we spent 6 hours on the course that day. Longest...
  19. dknisle1

    My new Callaway Bertha I.5 Mini Driver