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  1. brillo

    Tour Exotics help

    What are the differences in the XCG and the XCG-V fairway woods? I'm looking to buy a 3-wood and have heard a lot of good things about these. I'm left handed, so it's hard to go out and find a pro shop that has these that I can hit. Anyone hit them and have any comments also? Thanks for any...
  2. brillo

    ogio bag questions

    I have an Ogio Stinger II now, but it's wearing out. I was thinking of the Ogio Atlas. Does anyone have this bag or know much about it? I really love the woode system on my Stinger, but what about the new Uniter top? Does anyone have any pics of how they have their clubs set up in the Uniter...
  3. brillo

    Hey from AL

    Just wanted to formally introduce myself. I'm about a 10-12 handicap from North Alabama. I've already made several posts here on the forums and already bought a shaft from Indacup. (which BTW thanks again for the shaft, it's the most solid shaft I've ever hit.) I work swing shift, so I'm off...
  4. brillo

    Rules question

    Just wanted to know the ruling on this. The rules book didn't explain it too well. Here's what happened. Brandon tee'd up past the tees and John told him before he hit that he was past the tees. That sounds like assisting him, which would cost John a stroke. The rules book says that you...
  5. brillo

    Accuflex creation question

    I am about a 10-15 handicap and was thinking of installing an Accuflex Creation 65 Stiff shaft on my Cobra F Speed LD driver. Does anyone have this combination or any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks