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  1. Snow

    Broke my Mizuno Sandwedge

    Well I finally did it. After a summer of totally p-- poor 60*wedge shots I took and broke it over my knee!!! Bye Mizuno Wedge.. Thats not the best part when in the heat of breaking the club I cut my leg with the jagged edge of the shaft. I mean the kind where it didnt stop bleeding. It...
  2. Snow

    Could use some Shaft advice from builders/players..

    Hey guys I could sure use some shop advice.I picked up a Cobra 10.5 2007 driver on Ebay from Threeballs.It has Aldila NVS-M Regular 50gr low kick shaft in it.Now that was the exact shaft I was using in my old Taylormade driver. Here is my problem. I finally took the Cobra to the range...
  3. Snow

    Anyone want a 5 Iron Callaway x16 Rifle Tour Stiff--Free

    WTB- Aldila NVM Regular Shaft-Driver or Fairway Hi: Im looking for a couple of Aldila Blue NVM regular graphite shafts 50gram low kick , driver fairway doesnt matter. I know the chances are quite slim since most members here appear like they play a stiff shaft but thought I would take a...
  4. Snow

    Mizuno Update--They Gloves are all Lefthanded!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mizuno Golf Gloves-NIKE GOLF/SS BASEBALL WINDBREAKER SS Hi All: I can only take " NON Credit Card PAYPAL" for this, and can only ship to Verified Address. Sorry no checks,money orders as this my slush fund money.. Thanks "FREE SHIPPING ON GOLF GLOVES" which includes USPS DC. I then will...
  5. Snow

    Precept Laddies X = 13.59$ 24 Pack+ Shipping

    Hi All: I personally have never used any of these ball but they seem like a real good price. I did just make purchase of 4 dozen [2x24pack] for 31.17$ SHIPPED. I have read some decent reviews here and there on this ball so I thought I would pass this sale along to the Forum. At 15.60$ for a...
  6. Snow

    Interest Check NIB Mizuno Skintite Gloves?

    New updated post started here. http://www.shottalk.com/forum/classifieds/22740-mizuno-update-they-gloves-all-lefthanded.html
  7. Snow

    Taylor Made TP 510

    I picked up a Taylor Made R-510 on Ebay with what I would think is a upgraded Fujikura Reax 50 reg shaft. I have only played with Aldila Regular shafts in all my woods. Any thoughts on how this shaft might play in this particular club? I do have a Fujikura Fit on Gold that a came out of a...
  8. Snow

    Hogan Edge Pros 3-FW,Nike HC,Nike Balls,FJ Lady Shoes,Rossa Monza HC

    Hogan Edge Pros 3-FW,2-14 Gram weightsNike HC,Nike Balls,FJ Lady Shoes,Rossa Monza HC For Sale Set of Hogan Edge Pros. 9 Clubs Total 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,EW,FW Regular Hogan Shafts #3 Stock Hogan Grips standard Lie and Loft. These clubs have the usual small nicks and dings that you always...
  9. Snow

    R7 Quad without any weight inserts?

    Hi: My first post and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried a R7 Quad or any other Taylormade drivers without any of the weights inserted? R7 Quad 9.5 ProLaunch Blue Regular Shaft 65G. If so what kind of results did you have. Im sure it would be much louder, but I wanted to give it a...