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    Car Question

    doing some work with Kia for the Forte - you guys seen it? what do you think?
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    what do you guys think of kia's new car, the soul? more pics here. do you like what kia's been doing lately?
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    Anybody ever watch Barrett-Jackson on Speedvision? I'm making the most of my day off by sitting on the couch watching last year's auction. :laugh: The big one is coming in a couple of weeks - I just hope that my DVR can hold that many hours of footage. It's always a blast to see the old...
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    Redskins in the Playoffs!

    No thanks to Gibbs, the skins have made the playoffs!! Collins is making Campbell look bad - too bad we can't get another 10 years out of him. Portis had a great game - nice to see him back in his old form. Go Skins!!
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    I have never been to flexible - but as the years go by it just seems to get worse and worse. Unless I warm up with a bucket beforehand, the front 9 is usually just a mess. Anyone have a link to stretches designed for golfers?
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    Hello from DC

    Just wanted to give a quick intro. I'm your average 100+ scoring golfer looking to learn a bit in preparation of this spring. Didn't get much opportunity to hit the links this past year with my new marketing job, but I figure I have a few months to get in shape (put on like 30 lbs over the...