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  1. K

    Need help selecting new irons

    I have set aside 400-450 for some irons. What models would be good other than the ones I listed for beginners.
  2. K

    Need help selecting new irons

    Blades and Shape??? Here goes my limitations on golf knowledge...What do you mean by SHAPE?? I have heard that blades are not the clubs I need, just from some family members that golf. I hit and swing really hard, probably too hard and was told I need a stiff or extra stiff shaft. When I get...
  3. K

    Need help selecting new irons

    I have been playing with a set of clubs from 1999. I usually shoot in the low 90's. I try to play at least once a month, work permitting. I want to buy some new irons and have looked at the following online: Nike NDS, Calloway 2004 Big Bertha and X-16, and Taylormade RAC OS/OS2 and RAC R5...
  4. K

    Hello from Tucson, AZ.

    Hello. I am currently living in Tucson, AZ by way of Washington DC. I love to golf and am hoping to get a lot of advice and tips from people.