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    My good friend and playing partner was playing in the Cindy Cusano Pro-Am tourney this past Friday and nailed a hole in 1 on a 185yd par 3!! His first ever. And the kicker....He didn't even see it go in cuz he turned around after hitting his 4 iron and was talking smack to the LPGA pro he...
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    Finally in the 90's!!

    Starting playing about 6 months ago and have steadily seen my scores drop from the 130's/120's/110's until about 2 months ago where I had been stuck in the high 100's. Right about that time I dumped my mixed bag of x-18/x-20 irons for the MP-30's i'm playing now. I realize that I'm nowhere...
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    Callaway X-Tours

    I bought a set of Callaway X-Tours off one of our fellow members...thanks Shane! Got the clubs today and went right out to the range after work today. Started w/the PW and worked my way through the clubs and let me say that i'm stoked about these clubs. I had been hitting a mixed set of x-18...
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    Hitting irons well finally...

    I've been playing for about 3 months now and have been struggling hitting my irons the entire time. Other aspects of my game have improved. My drives have been going straighter (hit about 10 of 15 fairways where I used the driver today) and longer (anywhere from 240-270yds). My putting is...
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    Hello from Florida

    Hi all, Just picked up the game about 3 months ago and I am HOOKED! Been playing once a week now for the past 5 weeks (snuck 2 rounds in this week). Just started taking score the last 3 rounds and have shot 122, 120, 115 (shot a 50 on the back 9 though!). Love the mental challenge that...