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  1. gunning4u

    Chris Wood & the PGA

    First post all summer!!!! I have been busy as hell with work, weddings, bachelor parties lady friend ext.... I only have about 5 rounds in all summer. Anyway, I was lucky enough to get off work and go watch the practice round up at Hazeltine. We got there and worked our way backwards down 18...
  2. gunning4u

    Taylormade LT2's 3-PW X100

    Merry Christmas everyone, Looking to get rid of a set of Taylormade LT 2's that I have reshafted with Dynamic Gold X-100's, they are 2 degrees up and standard length. The shafts have been spine aligned using a JB spine tool. The grips are Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize and the 7 iron has a...
  3. gunning4u

    Tiger Woods and Zach Johnson comparative swing analysis

    I have been looking into stack and tilt and the one plane golf swing. I came across this video on you tube. I have been reading parts of Jim Hardy's The Plane Truth for Golfers Master Class. From what I understand stack and tilt and Hardy's definition of the one plane swing are very similar...
  4. gunning4u

    Miss Beer Cart Girl WI 2008

    I can't believe none of you drunken sconnies knew about this. I wouldn't throw any of the finalist out of the rack that's for sure. Next years WI Shot Talk outing should be at this place, I would even make the trip. Miss Beer Cart Wisconsin 2008
  5. gunning4u

    Do you play a cut, draw or a straight ball

    I can usually work the ball both ways if I have to, call me a ***** but my go to shot is a little cut, depending on how far away the pin is I aim about 5-10 yards left of the pin and just try to fade the ball in there. I only play a draw if I have to, like going to a back left pin or when...
  6. gunning4u

    Mizuno Reshaft ?

    I pulled my 9 iron shaft because I was thinking of spining all my shafts but I don't think I will do the rest of the set. First they have tip weights in the shafts, the hosel is threaded which I thought might be a good thing to get a nice bond with the epoxy. After I got everything glued up...
  7. gunning4u

    Mizuno quality control

    I don't know if I heard it on here or on wrx about Mizuno's problem with special orders where lofts, lie and lengths being all over the place. It happened today when I opened up my MP60's box and saw that they didn't adjust the lie angles. They came standard and I ordered them 2* up. I...
  8. gunning4u

    Mizuno mp 60 ferrule size

    On mizuno's site they say the shaft tip for the mp 60 is 355. I take it they are 355 tapererd correct? Just want to make sure before I order them will these work. http://www.golfsmith.com/products/375TI I'm going to pull the heads and spine the shafts.
  9. gunning4u

    How long for Mizuno..........

    To make my clubs. I had to special order them 2*up with X100's, how long will it take. I can't wait:miz:
  10. gunning4u

    Golf Smith Shopping Spree

    I've been wanting a set of Mizuno MP60's for awhile now and I was looking at some stuff on golfsmith website and got the GS credit card. I will try out a few irons before I get the MP60's like the S58, A2, bridgestone J36's ext... but I'm almost sold on the 60's. Lets just hope I don't go nuts...
  11. gunning4u

    Hole in 1 NOT...

    I'm lucky to have a nice public course near my house that has a great practice range. It has a driving range with spot on yardage markers and it also has a chipping green and two real deal practice holes a par 3 and par 4 with white and red tee boxes. I was having a sweet range session I was...
  12. gunning4u

    Golf Central's Tiger Obsession

    The guy is the best player in the game and maybe of all time, I get that but he isn't playing for the rest of the year and they can't get over it. If you took a shot of beer everytime they said Tiger on the Golf Channel you would be shit faced in an half hour. They led off the show tonight...
  13. gunning4u

    What's your Handicap this year.

    Last year I was a 12 and so far this year I'm a 10.8. I had it down to 9.8 with a 78 as my best round of the year but after the last revision it went up thank god. We have the club tournament next weekend and I would have gotten smoked in the 1st flight.
  14. gunning4u

    I had my first head fly off.

    I was at the range yesterday and pulled out my 3 wood. My first swing didn't go so good It was one of those WTF was that shots. On my next practice swing the head flew off. I have a bunch of epoxy still in the head and thats no problem I can get that out but what is the best way to clean off...
  15. gunning4u

    Spinning left foot

    I have noticed when I hit longer clubs like my driver my front foot spins or twists almost pointing down my target line. When you look at most pro's their front foot stays planted, perpendicular to the target line. I don't know if its a lack of flexibility in my left knee, too much hip turn or...
  16. gunning4u

    Most holes you have played in a day.

    Got out today on my favorite local course, it was customer appreciation day so it was only 22$ with a cart to play all day. I got in 63 holes and I’m beat. It was pretty windy and didn’t shoot all that great. I shot 83, 88, 83, 41. But something cool happened to a guy I know today, he had a...
  17. gunning4u

    Good Deals on FT3 tours

    I have been looking on e-bay the last few days and 3 balls golf has some auctions going on brand new FT3’s with some pretty damn good shafts like the 73x Blueboard, 757 x. The auctions have been ending from 150-180 bucks. The ft3 is a little old but I’m sure it’s still a good club. I would...
  18. gunning4u

    Having some driver troubles.

    I was hitting my driver like crap the last week, I was hitting massive snap hooks or a week block/fade. I have gotten it figured out after hitting the range the last couple of days. I think it was ball placement. I’m playing a 44.25” driver this year and have found that I can’t play it off...
  19. gunning4u

    6 Birdies=81 WTF!!!!

    So I got out after work for twilight and a friend of mine who works at the course let me play off 10 if I went quickly before the people on 9 could get over. Anyway I felt kind of rushed but I didn’t start off bad, I went birdie, bogy, par but it was the most bipolar round of my life. I just...
  20. gunning4u

    Lie and length?

    My irons are bent 2* up at standard length. If I got new irons that were 1/4 or 1/2" longer would I still need to get them bent. I would guess that the longer shafts would make them play more upright but how much. Would adding a 1/4" = 1* up.