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  1. gpo

    Putting, then chipping, then irons, then driver

    If you are not getting up and down at least half the time around the green and if you have more than 2 3-putts a round then a good way to shave strokes is to work on the short game.
  2. gpo

    Video of my swing - Number 2!

    Not a bad swing at all. The key is that is your swing. You can tinker with it a little on the range. Trying to change little things here or there. But the key is to get comfortable with your swing. Hit balls over and over until you could swing in your sleep. Once you have hit tons of good...
  3. gpo

    What's REALLY in your bag? A new, revealing thread!

    I usually do a full bag clean out at the beginning of the season. So for me that was about 2 months ago. What I remember is the following. 4 gloves tees ball markers divot repair tools wire brush pocket knife for grooves bug spray bug wipes 4 towels on the outside crystal light...
  4. gpo

    Had my best round ever this morning

    The interesting thing lately is that I have been making a decent amount of birdies. I have made 3, 3, and 4 in my last 3 rounds. Historically I have probably averaged about 0.5 to 1 birdies per round. Two would be a lot for me. When playing well I would just make par after par. Putting...
  5. gpo

    How I gained 10 yards through my bag

    Exercise is great and we all should do more to stay healthy. In the scheme of things does 10 yards more per club make a difference in scoring. What if you took the same amount of time you spent exercising and you worked on your game, especially the short game. That would seem to make a bigger...
  6. gpo

    Had my best round ever this morning

    I could not round up anyone to play with for this morning, so I booked at time with a twosome that already had a time. No big deal as I have played plenty of golf over the years with people I did not know. I chipped some to start the day. Probably about 40-50 chips. Hit a small bucket of...
  7. gpo

    Advice on building Grandson's 1st golf club

    I think you are thinking too much about this. A stick with a rock on the end would work fine. At that age it is all about learning to keep your head down and body quiet so you can make contact with the ball and not miss it. I got clubs in the 4 to 5 year old range. They were standard...
  8. gpo

    909 D3

    Picked up my new 909 D3 8.5* stock voodoo stiff shaft today at lunch. Went right out to the range to give it a try. Everything seemed good with it. Got the 8.5 and voodoo to try to lower my ball flight. Seemed to be fine. I really won't know exactly how it goes until I hit the course...
  9. gpo

    Got one open slot for Sunday 5/23 tee time

    Slot filled. Thanks anyway.
  10. gpo

    Got one open slot for Sunday 5/23 tee time

    I have one open slot in my foursome for this Sunday 5/23. Tee time is 6:10AM. Second group off for the day. Course is in the SW burbs of Chicago. Prairie Bluff Public Golf Course Send me a PM if you want to play.
  11. gpo

    Wedge Set-up

    My first adult-size set of irons were a set of 1962 Wilson Staffs. It did not have an PW. I later got a normal set with a PW and later picked up a SW 55* with tons of bounce. That is what I played from say 13 or 14 until about 3 or 4 years ago. That was 20 years. So for 20 years I used a PW...
  12. gpo

    What is the single best shot you have ever hit?

    Greatest shot ever was a 2iron back in college(I did not play for my school in college, just played as normal) from about 205 out on a par 4. It was dead into the setting sun. Hit it and then looked around forever to find it. Finally looked in the hole and there it was. I was also alone...
  13. gpo

    Driving range issue

    Find another range
  14. gpo

    The mental side of golf.

    I find my best rounds are when I am not really thinking about the round at all. Just relaxed hanging with a friend, but I focus on the shot when it is my turn. Then turn off that focus and go back to hanging out. Because you can only focus for so long. When swinging I try to think about...
  15. gpo

    Thoughts on most important stat for scoring for a pro

    Sure enough scoring is important. That is how we know who did better and who won. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!! My question is on average how did the guy who scored the best do it. Is it because he rolled in 10 30 footers over the course of a tournament. Is it because he reached every par 5 with 4 iron...
  16. gpo

    What do you use to chip!?

    I generally use my 52* wedge. I only grab my 56* if I need more loft because of less green. But like others have said it depends on the shot. If I am just off the green I will grab an 8i or 7i and bump it. Heck I have even used a 6i or 5i for really long chips. For years and years I used my...
  17. gpo

    Thoughts on most important stat for scoring for a pro

    I have been trying to figure out what stat makes the most difference in scoring for a tour pro. I think there are 2. First is the number of times they hit their approach shot to 15 feet or less. Second is putting from 5 to 10 feet. I think whoever does both of those the best will have the...
  18. gpo

    Thoughts on the BMW

    I was lucky enough in early June to get to play Cog Hill #4(Dubsdred) where the PGA is playing this week. Let me tell you it is no easy course. I don't believe anyone will reach number 9 in two this week. Cink was close, but there are so many trees on that hole that you have to hit a...
  19. gpo

    I finally did it.

    Congrats Man. It only took me 29 years of play for me to do it last year. Of course I started when I was 7. Mine was pretty dramatic as I drained a 45 footer on 18 for birdie.