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  1. IrishGolfer

    What did you buy today?

    I went for a relatively expensive lesson today. I went to see a Pro that my brother frequents, he highly recommended him. I must say, I was impressed. The guy was very professional, used video and Trackman, spent a bit of time watching me hit through the bag, asking me my objectives/ambitions...
  2. IrishGolfer

    We just got TopTracer at our range

    Interesting scenario last night on the Top Tracer at the range. It is still new and has yet to be calibrated. I was hitting my Driver with range balls and getting some pretty consistent numbers. I was carrying my driver ~210 yards and getting about 20 yards roll out with ~140mph ball speed. In...
  3. IrishGolfer

    Ryder Cup - Whistling Straits

    I'm really looking forward to this next week. On paper, the US team should annihilate the European team. But it never seems to work like that. For some reason, the US team doesn't seem to gel as a team. Brooks, Bryson, Cantaly all seem to have issues with each other. The US Ryder Cup stalwart...
  4. IrishGolfer

    Things really looking up!!!!

    Hey, wait your turn, I ain't taking no "sloppy seconds"!!! Looks like this charming minx is appealing to all of us. And for a minute, I felt so special!
  5. IrishGolfer

    We just got TopTracer at our range

    I think the recalibration bit will allow for the range balls. I think they generally fly 10-15% less than standard balls.
  6. IrishGolfer

    We just got TopTracer at our range

    I was at my local range last night to swat a few. They just got a new TopTracer system in. It was all new last night, staff were running around trying to help people get going. I must say, it is impressive. Instant data, quite consistent. I did notice that the yardages were out and spoke to the...
  7. IrishGolfer

    Solheim Cup

    Agree with Jim, I get more from watching women's golf, it's a lot more relatable. It's all timing and technique.
  8. IrishGolfer

    Solheim Cup

    Very quiet on here!!!
  9. IrishGolfer

    Exciting News...

    Sounds like a good move ;)
  10. IrishGolfer


    Shouting this out will get me ejected from a tournament as it disrespects BDC? Please discuss.
  11. IrishGolfer

    Anybody else watching the BMW playoff?

    That was "by far" the best tournament of the year! It was a smashfest by BDC and a lesson in putting by Cantlay. They outplayed the field and it made for an Epic duel. I couldn't believe the prodigious distances hit and the number of pressure putts holed. But once again, it proves the...
  12. IrishGolfer

    KBS TD Driver shaft review

  13. IrishGolfer

    what did you shoot today?

    Ahh, that made me laugh!
  14. IrishGolfer

    what did you shoot today?

    I'm playing very patchy golf these days. Good is great, bad is awful! My son and I had a pairs game. We have won our previos 2 matches and were now at the round of 16. We were paired against two gamers. We found ourselves four down after 6 holes, all breaks/luck going to our adversaries. I...
  15. IrishGolfer

    Callaway Epic Max driver

    Two things Gerry: It was like after the honeymoon is over the bride starts eating bon bons and gets chubby and can't do all the stuff previously. What stuff are you talking about? Please explain! I've been wanting to try a heavier shaft in stiff flex Try this - rocket ship! Avalon 7 Wood
  16. IrishGolfer

    what did you shoot today?

    Twice I played over the last few weeks in 1 hour and 40 mins for 18 holes. I walked (didn't run). It can be done.
  17. IrishGolfer

    Olympic Golf

    Nelly Korda is awesome!
  18. IrishGolfer

    what did you shoot today?

    Played a match with my son, better ball format. We had 5 birdies between us and only won on the 1st tie hole. We played two big guys, both hit enormous tee shots. One of them hit it about 350 off the first to a place I have only been to in two shots!! We were giving them a lot of shots. Luckily...
  19. IrishGolfer

    Olympic Golf

    The Track and Field stuff still rules! 100M sprint is always the highlight!
  20. IrishGolfer

    Olympic Golf