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  1. Admin

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    The Pats will not win the division. I'd be surprised if they finish any higher than just above the Jets.
  2. Admin

    Welcome to the newly upgraded ShotTalk.com

    If you guys really want Tapatalk we can get it going, but the mobile interface is quite good. Let me know.
  3. Admin

    Good news, Everyone!

    There's still time..... ;)
  4. Admin

    Welcome to the newly upgraded ShotTalk.com

    As you can see, we have a newly upgraded site! We are now running the latest version of Xenforo available and it includes some pretty neat upgrades. In addition the site/server is now running on HTTP/2 and is encrypted. There are a ton of new features... enhanced search, a much better mobile...
  5. Admin

    Software/Site Upgrade coming soon...

    We will be upgrading this site to the latest version of Xenforo in the next couple of days. We will also be moving the site to a newer (faster) server at the same time. Just a quick heads up, though I think the new software has a ton of improvements that you all will like. Let me know if you...
  6. Admin

    ShotTalk members...unite!!!

    Looks like another admin messed up the permissions for the registered user group. I have reset them so they are no longer broken.
  7. Admin

    ShotTalk members...unite!!!

    Where are you having to "approve" people's posts... and is it for regular members or only new members? Please be detailed, screenshots help... next time it happens please send me a PM with one waiting in the moderation and do not approve it.
  8. Admin

    Notice of Minor Software Upgrade

    We have upgraded to XenForo 1.3.5 which was released this morning for security fixes. For specific information see the following link: XenForo 1.3.5 Released (Security Fix) | XenForo Community