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  1. Stanters

    Keep it simple....

    ...stupid I think this makes so much so much sense - it's pretty much how my pro teaches. Agree or disagree? Can it be so simple (assuming the natural result isn't a duck hook, shank etc) YouTube - ‪Feherty's top swing tip‬‏
  2. Stanters


    A worrying update on his site today reporting that his condition has markedly deteriorated in the last few days. No other details as yet but it obviously looks bad. http://seveballesteros.com/noticia.php?lang=2&idnews=70&pg= Really sad news and I'm sure...in fact I know....everyone will...
  3. Stanters

    Form Regained

    I posted a thread a while back about my fitting experience which has been lost in the ether while the admin changes are ongoing I presume. Also I'd had a miserable 18 months trying to overcome hooking and blocking everything, golf was horrible but glad to say after lessons and a little...
  4. Stanters

    Martin Laird on US Collegiate

    Came across a nice piece from Mr Laird on his days at Colorado State - good insight into getting to grips with the different demands on playing in the US and not having to wear 76 layers of thermal clothing half the year. Thought you guys might enjoy it BBC - Martin Laird: College days proved...
  5. Stanters

    Website ideas and feedback wanted

    Hi guys I have got the wheels in motion to start up my own golfing website and wondered if you could give me some thoughts on what I intend to do and any ideas on would like to see in addition to make it as appealing as possible. It's going to be an online lessons based site with a some...
  6. Stanters

    Fitting, Ho'ing and de-ho'ing

    Brief summary - could play golf quite well - went to shit....got R9 iorns to help, took lessons, got better, decided to get back to a forged iron and went for a full on proper fitting. Less brief tale of fitting and new toys.... I booked myself a fitting at a fairly local joint and headed up...
  7. Stanters

    Good takeaway drill

    Yes I know, drills are dull but this one is so easy and it helped me a bunch. This is to help prevent an inside takeaway - a real bane of mine. Basically just set up as normal and then split your hands, like a baseball style grip and take the club back, you should see it nice a path back...
  8. Stanters

    UK Bridgestone J33 deal

    Online Golf doing the J33R 460 for £78 with a free dozen B330s thrown in and free delivery. Just in case anyone feels like a new big dog for peanuts.
  9. Stanters

    Custom Specs

    I have a query that I'm sure you guys can clear up. When I use a web-fit chart for my set up I always get the same results. I am 6ft 1 and wrist to floor on my left side is 37 inches and the result comes up +1/2 inch shaft length and 2up. Like here for example Golf Club Lie Angle Now, am I...
  10. Stanters

    Bridgestone J33R 460

    Spotted a good deal on one of these here in the UK - the 460 version. Who here has hit one? From what I've read feelings on forgiveness seem mixed so any help in that area would be useful.
  11. Stanters

    Couldn't resist

    Having recently ho'd a set of Cobra SS forged for a bit more forgiveness I saw a set of irons I've always dreamed of hitting up for grabs and being an STer you can guess the rest..... Sod forgiveness, give me feel, even if it is off the toe or the hosel, I just don't care, which is probably...
  12. Stanters

    WTB Vokey 50 wedge

    After a Vokey 50 deg wedge or even better one bent to 51 -- anyone in the UK have one for sale?
  13. Stanters

    TEE CB1 for sale (UK)

    I have my TEE CB1 up for sale 15 degrees, good condition, no marks anywhere and h/c included Has everyone's favourite shaft....Aldila NV65 stiff £95 shipped
  14. Stanters


    It's been a terrible year on the golf course for me. I started the year flitting between 11-12 on a tough course with poor greens so I can play a bit, not a world beater but a decent player who could shoot low 80s and occasionally find the 70s on less demanding tracks. I'm now on 15 and am...
  15. Stanters

    "Connected" swings

    Found some nice slow-mo vids on youtube at The Open - interesting and useful viewing I think. Thought I'd bung a couple on as there has been a bit of talk about staying connected in your swing recently and these demonstrate that well I think. One of the players of the year - tee to green...
  16. Stanters

    Farewell Hogans

    Have had to accept that I need more help - not much maybe but some. So I am after some new irons. I want forged but with some forgiveness. As I am fighting hooks not sure offset is the way to go and I don't want to spend a fortune until I get my game back on track, so am after a used set for...
  17. Stanters

    MacLeonard Irons

    Was having a browse of the Nak NP2s recently on a site and noticed their own brand gear. MacLeonard Golf - anyone know anything about their stuff at all? I believe they are a sister co to Bang Golf but know no more. Irons by MacLeonard Golf Quite like the look of the irons but know nothing...
  18. Stanters

    2 recent Hos

    I have just picked up (in the last 3 weeks or so) 2 new additions to my already overloaded kit.... R7 Ltd driver with the stiff matrix stock shaft and a Mizzy MX Fli-Hi 20 degree 3i replacement thingy. R7 Ltd is a top quality driver. I've had 5 rounds with it now and am finding more fairways...
  19. Stanters

    UK couple of drivers FS + Scotty

    I have 2 drivers up for grabs Calaway FT-i Tour LCG. 8.5 deg and Avixcore black stiff shaft. It's in very good nick -- £90 shipped Cobra L4V F Speed. 9 deg and Aldila NVS stiff -- SOLD Decent nick - shaft brand new £80 shipped I'll post pics if any interest. Also have a Scotty...
  20. Stanters

    It's all gone

    I thought I was on the way back after a miserable few weeks of playing terrible golf. But today just showed me that it has just gone...I can't hit a good shot to save myself. Played yesterday in a stableford and was poor to start with and scored just 10 points on the front but started to play...