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  1. soxngolf

    LPGA in more trouble

    That will be huge for the LPGA. They can't find sponsors for regular tour events, trying to find someone for that huge of a purse is going to be next to impossible. Tough year to lose Annika, but I am sure Wie will fill some seats.
  2. soxngolf

    Wie to Q-school

    I hope she qualifies, love to see her full time on the tour.
  3. soxngolf


    Recently played Renditions Golf Course near Annapolis Maryland: This was a very cool experience. I actually played this course the weekend of the PGA Championship and Number 16 at Oakland Hills is #9 at Renditions. I watched Harrington do much better on that hole than I did. Luckily the...
  4. soxngolf

    CN Open

    And of course we can't watch any of it! Hopefully both play well today and we get to see Annika and Lorena paired together this weekend. (on Sat and Sun night 9-11:30!):(
  5. soxngolf

    Harry was right!

    Annika's quotes at the Canadian Open: I agree with Harry, she is having a tough time focusing. Annika is ready to be done with professional golf for a while. When she first announced, I was like, why? why? why?, but it seems it is the right time for her. I would still love to see her win...
  6. soxngolf

    Bivens and the Tour

    Well, there hasn't been much controversy over the last year about Bivens, but here it comes again. Check out this article about a few tournaments shutting down, The Fields Open and the Ginn Tribute. You can also link to other articles about Biven's and the tour. Let me repeat myself- LPGA...
  7. soxngolf

    Wie at RTO

    Michelle Wie shot a 1 over to be tied for 77th. The leader is at 7 under. Duval is at 6 over.
  8. soxngolf

    British Open so far...

    Hello Julie Inkster!!! I realize it is only the first round, but love to see her at the top of the leader board. Momoko Ueda, Laura Diaz one shot behind, Lorena 4 shots, Annika and Paula at even par and 7 shots behind Inkster. My DVR didn't automatically pick up the golf today so I missed the...
  9. soxngolf

    Good Golf on TV this Weekend

    Hey guys, The Women's British Open is this weekend. Here are the TV times: RICOH Women's British Open Jul 31 : TNT 10:00-11:59 AM ET Aug 01 : TNT 10:00-11:59 AM ET Aug 02 : ABC 1:30-3:00 PM ET Aug 03 : ABC 1:00-3:00 PM ET Just a friendly reminder...:cool: If you are looking...
  10. soxngolf

    Annika lately

    She has to be so frustrated right now. Since the LPGA, which she really should have won, she has been striking the ball beautifully, but can not buy a putt right now. She only lost going into the MacDonalds LPGA playoff by one shot and honestly missed an easy 10-15 putts that she should have...
  11. soxngolf

    Evian Masters

    I know this was kind of started in the other thread, but we switched topics so I thought I would start a new one. What a great finish! To lose a 4 shot lead going into the 15th hole was rough for Choi, but I was happy to see Alfredson and Park make their runs. The lip out for Park on the...
  12. soxngolf

    Hi Boys

    Hello gentlemen, I had posted in the women's forum, but since I doubt many of you will make it over there, I figured I would say hello here as well. Hopefully, I will be able to bring a woman's perspective to the discussions. Don't worry about the guy talk or the sarcasm, I love it. As a...