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  1. Harry Longshanks

    Is the Ryder Cup online anywhere?

    I could never get that to work. I kept getting "Error: Data cannot load" in a small banner at the top. I tried FF, IE, and Chrome. No luck.
  2. Harry Longshanks

    Chambers Bay Golf Course

    Once the native grasses fill in the hillsides and the other areas that are still just dirt from the excavation, it will be even more beautiful . . . and more difficult. It really isn't possible to truly capture the beauty and magnitude of the course with a camera - just too much landscape for a...
  3. Harry Longshanks

    Second of three lesson last night, and I regret

    The basics: Grip, Stance, Alignment. Getting them right cures a lot of swing woes. Getting them wrong causes a lot of swing woes.
  4. Harry Longshanks

    Wie to Q-school

    Actually, no it wouldn't.
  5. Harry Longshanks

    Wie to Q-school

    WCD (Weapons of Course Destruction?) - Wie shot the tournament low 65 today. Launched herself into 2nd place. I'm tellin' ya' . . . if this young woman can ever start playing consistently, shed her baggage (parents, expectations, media scrutiny, etc), she could really be something to watch...
  6. Harry Longshanks

    Tomorrow Should Be Interesting

    It is wide open. The problem is that if you don't place your ball in the proper part of the fairway, you get nasty lies in the fairway (e.g. downhill/sidehill lies are common). Hire a caddy.
  7. Harry Longshanks

    Wie to Q-school

    Well, yes and no. I wrote it and posted it elsewhere, but then the topic came up here. Like I've said before, I don't normally like to cross-post, but I wasn't about to re-type/re-format that bad boy, and I thought STers would find it interesting how many Big Breakers (and other notables) were...
  8. Harry Longshanks

    WBL have you gotten one yet?

    I don't see that one specifically, but you can find a few here: Ping Golf Accessories @ ScoreLow.com
  9. Harry Longshanks

    My new multipurpose clubbuilding station

    Mmmmmm. I could go for a club right about now.
  10. Harry Longshanks

    Women's Golf And Exercise

    While spam is long overdue to benefit from the application of fecal matter, thanks to eunuchs like zeegolf, spammer are now realizing sphincter training and enemas conditioning are just for douchebags. The benefits on the intraweb are well worth the effort of sticking to a regular anal probe...
  11. Harry Longshanks

    Wie to Q-school

    Hi soxy. I think you meant 70 (2-under) :) Scores from other notable players: Michelle Wie (Stanford/LPGA): -2 Stacy Lewis (Arkansas alum): -2 Briana Vega (Big Break 6 & 7): -1 Ashley Knoll (Texas A&M alum): +3 Ashley Prange (Big Break 5): +1 Amber Prange (Big Break 10): +6 Dana Bates (Big...
  12. Harry Longshanks

    Displaced DGer's

    DSP? DD? I misplaced my ST to English dictionary. Can I get a translation?
  13. Harry Longshanks

    Hurricane winds only help a drive

    So let me get this straight. You're smart, know about financial matters and sports, play golf, and don't care about idiotic holidays that were invented for the sole purpose of humiliating men and disappointing women. Keeper.
  14. Harry Longshanks

    Computer Nerds - XP Wipeout?

    The folks I know didn't have any problem. Other than the fact that they can't get updates using the Windows Genuine Validation tool (or whatever that thing is called.)
  15. Harry Longshanks

    Computer Nerds - XP Wipeout?

    I've heard of people with pre-installed OS whose computers crashed and they couldn't re-install because the computer didn't come with an OS disc. So they downloaded a copy from a torrent site to another computer, burned it to a CD, and re-installed that way. I'm pretty sure that's technically...
  16. Harry Longshanks

    Computer Nerds - XP Wipeout?

    From now on, I will doubt the veracity of anything you say. (Sorry I can't help. I've always chosen to wipe clean and re-install.)
  17. Harry Longshanks

    Which magazine?

    GolfWorld for the reasons previously stated, and because it comes every week. (Check the number of issues in the subscription. 22 = 6 month subscription, not a full year.) It has the added bonus of being very difficult to find on the "cheap magazine" websites or eBay. So you won't feel like...
  18. Harry Longshanks

    Computer speakers

    Mike- This is a complete shot in the dark, but open up your volume properties, choose the advanced option so you can see all of the different volume controls (Main, Wave, SW Synth, CD, Microphone, Phone) and click the "mute" tick box on microphone. Like I said, complete guess.
  19. Harry Longshanks

    LPGA: The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight

    That was probably issued out of the new LPGA Montreal office, and refers to the Channel de Golf (CG) :prop: That, or the ghost of Clark Gable has exclusive broadcast rights.