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  1. eclark53520

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I have a feeling that it's rigged... I can't prove it...but something's fishy.
  2. eclark53520

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    So, my wife's grandmother sadly passed a while ago(she was 95). She had bought a new Chevy Cruise back in 2013 and put a whopping 10k miles on it in the last 9 years. They called us and asked if my we would like to buy it for my daughter Aria since she's going to be getting her license in...
  3. eclark53520

    Good news, Everyone!

    This would be bad news for me :D
  4. eclark53520

    Good news, Everyone!

    They didn't ban me during the upgrade!
  5. eclark53520

    What a shot!

    Does a bear shit in the woods?
  6. eclark53520

    Might as well have a COVID-19 thread

    Ridiculous that they're not allowing golf. Sorry, but at this point, allowing zero golf is just pure horse shit. Given the technology today, there needs to be exactly ZERO person to person contact between two people for someone to pay for and play a round of golf. So even at the absolute...
  7. eclark53520

    Y'all are boring today

    Dude...I had my first one a while back and it wasn't a bad one...24hrs for me...fuuuuuuuck that Good luck bud, hopefully it's over soon
  8. eclark53520

    2021 General Discussions

    This should be on a T-shirt.
  9. eclark53520

    The problem with society

    That's not the hat. :D
  10. eclark53520

    The problem with society

    I'm of the baseball cap type.
  11. eclark53520

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, it depends on what we can find used. But we're going to be on bigger water(for around here). Fishing will be probably be 60ish percent of the usage, and the other 40% will be tubing/skiing/swimming/etc. So I'm planning on buying a Lund 1775 Impact. Maybe buy one new, but odds are I'll...
  12. eclark53520

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Also...dude that was supposed to show up and buy this thing has gone radio silent. He said last night about 8 that he would be here between 11a and 1p(apparently he's with the cable company). Haven't heard from him yet this morning after two messages asking if he's still coming. I haven't...
  13. eclark53520

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Not if you're mechanically inclined and have the ability to do work yourself. My last boat was a 1977 Ranger 158V fiberglass bass style hull with a 1979 Johnson 70hp outboard. I bought it for $1200 from a guy because the engine didn't run right, was hard to start, and wouldn't get on plane...
  14. eclark53520

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Looks like I'm selling my motorcycle this weekend... Sad...but a boat seems more family friendly.
  15. eclark53520

    What did you buy today?

    This is how I sell my old clubs...let my buddies try them at the range and utilize that honeymoon period to my advantage lol
  16. eclark53520

    Simple pleasures...

    I could definitely get into the vintage razors...just haven't because I have too many other hobbies... I've found a few at vintage stores, but I don't have enough knowledge to know if they're good/bad or worth restoring. Any good 101 resources?
  17. eclark53520

    2020 Season - General Discussions

    That's all great, but I don't think it would make one hoot of a difference when it comes to ratings. Shorter 3point lines don't seem to make a difference for WNBA. Maybe if we lowered the hoop? Unlikely.
  18. eclark53520

    Do you take that Divot with your Irons?

    I have a fairly vertical swing with irons and take a pretty big divot. Especially with wedges. I know I'm not maintaining my spine angle when I start hitting thin shots with irons and when I do that I also don't take divots. Once I focus on maintaining spine angle, right back to it. If you...
  19. eclark53520

    Been a while

    Good to hear! Glad you were relatively unscathed.
  20. eclark53520

    Been a while

    How did you fare in the Texas Snowpocalypse?