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  1. TheTrueReview

    Drive for show, putt for dough

    The final hole on Tuesday’s club competition says it all. Standing on the tee in a position to win it with par or birdie. I’d just 3 putted 17. Slow fluffy greens were playing havoc with putting pace. I smoked my drive but an unfortunate push right onto the tree lined neighbouring fairway...
  2. TheTrueReview

    Jack vs Tiger at the Masters

    An interesting comparison of their first 22 appearances. Uncannily similar except for one stark difference.
  3. TheTrueReview

    Ice fishing

    You Wisconsites are hard core.
  4. TheTrueReview

    Koepka or McIlroy: who's had a better year?

    Koepka won a major. McIlroy won the Players Championship and the Fed Ex Cup.
  5. TheTrueReview

    Thorbjorn’s wild ride

    One of my favourite Euro players has had an interesting flight. Thorbjorn Olesen arrested after being accused of sexual assault, urinating in aisle on a transatlantic flight
  6. TheTrueReview

    Winter refusing to go away?

    From where I sit in the Southern Hemisphere, I’ve picked up bits and pieces through the media that the North American winter is refusing to go away. So, I’m wondering; is it still cold in your neck of the woods?
  7. TheTrueReview

    Removing banner ads from browser

    I recall a while ago, someone here advised how to remove banner ads from your browser. I remember it worked really well on the browser I was using for my Mac at the time. Now, I'm using a Windows machine and I wouldn't mind doing it to my Firefox browser. Would the Real Slim Shady please...
  8. TheTrueReview

    Man's Best Friend

    They truly are an unwavering friend ...
  9. TheTrueReview

    Swing mechanics

    I thought I’d start a thread where we can post about our latest struggles and hopefully improvements with our full swing. Let’s leave the short game to another thread. What are you working on?
  10. TheTrueReview

    2019 PGA Merchandise Show

    TaylorMade announces that it will skip the Show. TaylorMade to skip 2019 PGA Merchandise Show
  11. TheTrueReview

    The CJ Cup @ Nine Bridges (2018)

    Played at Jeju Island, South Korea. A certain player - who's not a media favorite - won it by 4 strokes. You may have heard of him ...
  12. TheTrueReview

    Keeping the arms out of it

    I had a lesson with my golf coach this morning. We were focusing on rotating the body back and through whilst keeping the arms “quiet.” He had me using the pictured device, which worked quite well. It sorta “clamps” the arms and makes it easier to keep them quiet. If you ever see one...
  13. TheTrueReview

    Puppy is about to be de-sexed

    My female mini-dachshund is almost 6 months old and next week she's booked in with my local vet for her to be de-sexed. Was just wondering of the Shottalkers' experiences when getting their female dogs desexed. What was the recovery time like? Are they back to normal? (ie. no ongoing...
  14. TheTrueReview

    Tyrrell Hatton makes divot with driver

    But the only thing was, it happened to be a divot left in a spectator’s forehead ... Fan struck on head by Tyrrell Hatton tee shot at Dunhill Links
  15. TheTrueReview

    Justin Thomas’s Golf Goals

    Here are his for 2018. Anyone set their own goals? How’d they work out?
  16. TheTrueReview

    The Tour Championship 2018

    It’s R1. I turn on the TV and see a certain person as joint leader. As AzGreg would say: what year is this?
  17. TheTrueReview

    What ever happened to?

    A thread to discuss well known players of five or so years ago who have disappeared without a trace.
  18. TheTrueReview

    Scott Parel - an inspirational story

    This is a great example of “don’t die wondering “ and what a wonderfully supportive wife. Parel win is a long time in the making
  19. TheTrueReview

    You Americans take your golf seriously ...

    Victim's finger bitten off in Massachusetts golf course brawl [emoji15]
  20. TheTrueReview

    The Putting Thread

    How do you Stack Up? From THE LOST ART OF PUTTING by Gary Nicol & Karl Morris